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Rodia is the homeworld to the Rodians, it's climate and surface is tropical with dense forests and swamps. Rodians are smaller than an average human, they were about 160 centimeter tall, but a taller representative could be even 170 centimeter tall. They are humanoids, but you'll see some insect-like, or reptile-like features from some aspects. Their green skin is covered by toads all over, their eyes are large as an orange, their fingers are long and thin, their fingertips end in a sucker-like formations similar like the tree-frogs have. Their mouth is like a tapir snout, and a pair of saucer-shaped antennae are located on their head. The female rodians often have some kind of hair, while the males have fatspines on their cranium. Their ears are prick, like captain Spock's. The most famous rodian individual was Greedo the bounty hunter. Greedo also had a wood-carving hobby and carved small toys for himself, so he was a fellow Rodian customizer, who handmade figures from wood. :-) And we can mention Greeata Jendowanian rodian dancer, Onaconda Farr rodian senator (Onaconda Farr was seen in a Clone Wars episode, too), and even Chancellor Palpatine's personal secretary Dar Wac from the movies, and there are rodians from the world of the games like Reelo Baruk the JK2 kingpin, Suvam Tan from KotOR1, (who will have a private article later on here on CustomStarWars,) and Beedo the Rodian lightsaber wielder character in the multiplayer mode.

The ancient rodians were fisher-hunter primitive creatures, who lived in wooden shelters. They males fought each other to award their females, like the Predators, who had to gain glory and had to be victorious in their fights to be worthy to demise their genes. But the rodian males killed each other not only to attract the attention of their females, but also to gain the power. Rodian clans divided the available territories amongst themselves, and captured the valuable functions. They lived peacefully for a short period, but soon bloody civil wars erupted, they started to fight for total control of the whole planet. Those rodians who were the most experienced warriors, and were good at ranged combat with firearms, and close combat with blades, and were victorious in their fights became clan leaders, and ruled their people as a mandalore, or a king.

twitch_taris_gladiator_championRodia's traditional game was the gladiator fight. You could met Twitch, who were the defending Tarisian gladiator champion in the game Knights of the Old Republic 1 (till Revan arrived). As you see, the rodian species was an aggressive race, and criminality was deep-seated amongst them. For the hope of a better life they easily infiltrated and nested into the ganglands, for example you could often meet them at Lower-Taris, and in the dark regions of Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant. hulas the genoharadan rodian overseer Many rodians chose to work (or serve) the local crime lords. For example Greedo was Jabba the Hutt's money collector in the New Hope film, he was the one who were killed by Han Solo. But quite often the rodians THEMSELVES became bigwigs of the underworld. In KotOR1 while playing a Dark Sided Revan you'll meet Hulas, a Genoharadan crime organization Overseer, who used the Dark Revan to hunt down the remaining three leaders of the syndicate, to be rodian_hunter_galactic battlegroundsthe sole ruler of the Genoharadan Cartel. In the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast while wandering in the streets of Nar Shaddaa with Kyle Katarn you'll often get into trouble with the men of the local mafia boss, Reelo Baruk. Reelo was also a rodian ancestry mafia chief, so he preferred employing his fellow rodian tribal members. He equipped them well, but rodian thugs still preferred the favorite pistol of the rodian warriors, the DT-12 heavy blaster pistol. You can train rodian greedo han solobounty hunters in the imperial fortress in Galactic Battlegrounds, they use these DT-12 weapons which were by the way a very expensive pistols, you can observe it in Greedo's hand, too. Humanoid rodians prefer these blasters, due to their wider trigger guard and thicker handle allowing for larger hands and long frog-like fingers to operate that conventionally sized blaster.

They can also use the imperial E-11 blasters, which is a rifle with a bigger firepower. But they like the Disruptor sniper rifle best of all, rodiansyou can mostly see that weapon in their hands in JK2 (That was called the "fourth" gun, because it was in the fourth slot in the inventory.) This weapon has a large fire range, and a great accuracy. It has a deadly energy shot, with a single shot you can waste an enemy, whose body will disappear, melts like snow, which is the next advantage of this weapon. Reelo Baruk equipped his E-11 user men without a vest, while the men with a disruptor wore vests.

Of course the rodians rarely used the Disruptor gun for close combat, they prefered to hide somewhere, and shot from there, like an assassin. They often hid on a house's rooftop, or behind a window, and they ambushed their prey from there. Controling Kyle Katarn in the streets of Nar Shaddaa we will often rodian sniperrealize that rodians are shooting at us, but won't be able to detect their hideout. It is dangerous, because if they hit Kyle, the yellow energy shots will vaporize him too - so you'll be forced to load back your last save game. Since Kyle Katarn is not a Jedi at the beginning of the game, and his senses can't help him, he does not know he is in danger. But after a while, from the middle part of the game he will be stronger in the Force, he will be able to use his lightsaber for defence. In this fictionary screenshot Reelo Baruk has set a trap for Kyle kyle leans away from a rodian disruptorKatarn, and ordered his gran, weequay, rodian thugs and human mercenaries to encircle the area, and sent a rodian sniper on the rooftop of the opposite house. But Kyle sensed the sniper, and ignited his lightsaber, blocking the deadly shot. Moreover, Kyle will be able to quickly lean out of the bullets, like Neo did in Matrix. This method can even work when the shot was fired from very close range, and this can save Kyle's life from the dangerous rodian disruptor vaporator energy shots.

We will sadly realize the reborns can also do that. First I did not know, that they will also lean away from my shots, so I got mad when I locked him in my crosshair, but he easily lean away, so I wasted my shot with maximum energy. It was expensive for me to learn, reborns can not be killed with disruptors. My yellow energy charge melted the wall of the opposite house behind the reborn, however I planned to vaporate his head instead. But luckily the stormtroopers and the other bad guys are easy prey, the disruptor can be used as a binocularthey are not Force sensitives, it doesn't helps them, they unseeingly stand about, and give us a perfect target. So if you were pissed up by the Reborns you can luxuriate with other enemies! This time the boomerang comes back! In this screenshot the rodian's bust is already melted, and it is still burning down, nothing will remain from him. This time he will feel how is it when somebody is shot by a Disruptor gun!

When we will be able to control a powerful Jedi master Kyle Katarn, we might think killing the rodians with a gun from a distance is not too Jedi-like. We will be able to parry their shots, and/or just to lean away from them. It's time for revenge. :-) Darth Srtyker, a reader of our site has sent some cool screenshots rodians_vs_kyle katarnfor CustomStarWars, which he made with "Knights of the Force". In this screenshot he demonstrates that an experienced Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, or a KOTF player has no reason to fear the rodians in close combat. Dodging and jumping the shots, deflecting them with his lightsaber he can trick the rodian snipers, who wanted to keep a distance from Kyle Katarn alias Darth Srtyker's glowing blue lightsaber, but it became evident: without a hand you can neither hold your gun, nor pull the trigger... On this narrow bridge a single Force Push would be enough and all of those rodians would fly into that chasm, but it seems our reader wanna play a little bit with those rodians, and wanna see 4 more arms on the ground. The match result is Rodians:Kyle Katarn 0:1. But there are two more rodians...

You can listen to some cool rodian mp3 sentences from the game Galactic Battlegrounds! This time I won't undertake to translate his words guys... J

Rodian sentence 1

Rodian sentence 2

Rodian sentence 3

Rodian sentence 4

Rodian sentence 5

Rodian sentence 6

Rodian sentence 7

Rodian sentence 8

Rodian sentence 9

Rodian sentence 10


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Custom rodian figure side


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 written by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 01. 19. the figure was made yeras before



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