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In this article I will study the Reborns, but I must start from a bit further to get a more complex intro.

After the destruction of the 2nd Death Star the Universe has been changed once and for good. And not only because of the power vacuum, which arose in the politics and in the leadership, but also the balance of the Force has been changed, but not that way that some expected.

The ancient Jedi prophecy was difficult to define, even master Yoda had difficulties to say the complex picture, but most people translated it as one day a Chosen one will come, who will bring balance to the Force, but how it will happen, it was unknown even for the Jedi. And naming the Chosen one was more difficult, even Anakin Skywalker was not sure in his role, just tried to fulfill it, however he was almost torn apart from the two opposing sides. Finally he has finished his sad mission, bang balance to the Force, but anakin leads legion 501 to the jedi templeas "Anakin way", which means he reduced both sides to zero. First he destroyed the Jedi, then in his last moments he turned against his master, throwing him into a deep pit, then he died too. But his work was not perfect, a Jedi remained alive, his own son, Luke Skywalker. And also some Jedi has survived the sad Order 66, and the inquisition that followed. So the Jedi side was not reduced to zero, some lucky or clever survived it, and slowly they started again building up everything from a very low level, they began gathering, expanding, growing.
The first thing was Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Academy on Yavin. Luke set up venturing in the Galaxy listening to the Force, searching for echoes that was made by young Force Sensitives. Soon the Academy became a loud and crowded place with talented children, youth, and even older people, because Luke took them into the Academy, too. Luke was also declared as "old" when he started his learning. When he get into the system, he was much much older than his father, Anakin, who was half of Luke's age, yet everyone feared starting his training because he is old. So Luke believed that he will be able to train older people to the ways of the Force, they will change, hopefully becoming better, clearer, choosing the Light, which is very important, since they will use the Force. He had not too much choice, every Force Sensitive were needed, so they could be once again the guardians of the Galaxy, protecting the innocent and the peace. But this system had the opportunity of the mistake, and even the failure inside. The Academy trained not Jedi, but errants, Dark Jedi and later Sith...

The big trick of the Dark Side is the temptation and the lie. As in our real world. An honored Hungarian vicar once told me that only God is able to create something from nothing, which will be perfect and good. But the devil can not do this, he only uses what God has created, modifying it, jugglering with it. He is clever, and he can desert the created human to his side, even the way that the man will stand up against his creator. The metaphor from the Bible could be necessary to understand the ways of the Sith, which is very similar. The Dark Side gains strength and supply from the Light. They are lurking near, lie in waiting for someone who has ambitions for power, who disillusions in the Jedi, who is aggressive, or simply mentally weak, and they stoop on the prey.

Well, there were such people even in Luke's Academy, too. Ecce Homo, this is human nature. The hunger for power, strength, money, and others made many students to leave the Academy. First amongst the Grey, then the Dark Jedi. Only a few is able to find his way back to the Light from here. These renegades first went hiding, but alone, or together in two or three they were weak. But as the Imperial Remnant started to recover from the Endor fiasco, they became stronger, and started to search Dark Jedi, supporting them, and siding them to their cause. They covered their expenses, gave them purposes, tavion axmisbut in fact they fit them in the Imperial mechanism. As grand moff Tarkin connected to Darth Vader, almost the same way connected Desann to the new imperial admiral, Galak Fyyar's mechanism. Desann studied at Luke's Academy, but abandoned it, and became a dark Jedi. Later he taught Tavion Axmis his apprentice, but the two were still weak. They had no time to wait for an other abandoned renegade from the more and more powerful and numerous Jedi. They needed Synthetics, not natural but trained Force Sensitives.

shadow_armorFyyar supported the project with everything. If needed, The Empire occupied a planet, for example Artus, where they mined Force focusing crystals, what was built in the shadow Cortosis armor of the Shadow troopers. The Shadow trooper was able to use a lightsaber, and could use some Force powers in a limited amount, but this project was not enough for Desann. The idea of the Reborn project has been born.

The first rebornReborns were trained from Dark Jedi and were more lethal than the Shadow Troopers. Then the synthetic production, an artificial infusion of the Force into individuals, the Reborn warriors were the instrument of Lord Hethrir's master plan, bringing back the ideals of Emperor Palpatine. The method was difficult, the individual had to be "purified" by a trans-dimensional being first, then the new Force sensitives were taught and trained by the ways of the Sith and the Galactic Empire itself. Later Desann find out that the Reborns had to be purified in the Force nexus, in that blue Force well, which Jedi used to gain Force from the ancient Jedi spirits. In the Valley of the Jedi, whose location Desann did not know. So they had to trick Kyle Katarn into revealing it somehow. desann and tavion kidnap janKyle was also an ex-Jedi, who abandoned the Order because of personal tragedies, but he did not went into Dark, he stayed in the Grey. But he could not use his Force Powers, so when Desann made him believe that they killed his woman, Jan, Kyle went mad, and wanted revenge on Desann. But he was not strong enough to make that, yet he tried. As a normal human being he attacked Desann, who choked him a bit, pushed him to the ground, then laughed at him, and just didn't killed him at this point, because he needed Kyle to lead them to the Nexus.

Kyle regrets that he voluntarily put down his lightsaber, and left the Force in the past, that is the reason why he is so weak now that he can not revenge Jan. If desann_follows Kyle KatarnKyle were Jedi at that moment, he would have became a Sith. He hates Desann. He is vengeful, we wanna be strong, to be able to pay off. This is the time, when Kyle almost lost in the Dark. He decides to go back to the Valley of the Jedi, to bath in the power of the ancient Jedi souls, to regain his forgot and lost force powers. But his hatred makes him blind to see that Desann's ship follows his!

He leads the evil Sith Lord to the secret Jedi location. So fallible we are, that is the human soul, who can blame Kyle for that? This one of the strength of Star Wars films and games. There is a spiritual content in most of them. This makes their characters closer to us, closer then any other game, or film characters. There are human fates, and personal tragedies, actualities, that touches every feeling being. We understand from them, how narrow is the border between the good and the bad, between love and hate, between glory and falling. A bit easier to understand how those few Jedi fell. We'll realize how difficult to stay good, and clear in certain life situations, especially if someone has power! Who could remain shy and modest if had a Force Power that a Jedi has? Who could live a monastic-like life? Who is that person, who won't acquit an attack, or an insult knowing the full scale of Force is his/hers? Wouldn't you long for more? Wouldn't you lust for power with it? Could you guide others to goodness, charity, forgiveness, especially with your enemies? Many great Jedi fell under the weight. The best known tragedy is Anakin's, who was thought to be weak and arrogant and corrupted, but please keep in mind that Anakin was deemed to be the Chosen One, and one of the biggest hope for all. That is a weight, indeed. Also, he had a really hard slave childhood, later there was a big pressure on him by Palpatine, while he were responsible for the Jedi. He lost both loved women of his life, both in his own hands, however his mother died a different way in his hands, then Padme Amidala. So all together these may result the failure, even a for Jedi.

Now, decades later Luke works to reorganize the Jedi Order. He seeks for talents, searches the whole Galaxy for teachable Jedi Padawans. He found Desann, taught him, but Desann left the good path, he was too strong, wanted more, and failed. Kyle almost made the same mistakes, but fortunately he came through, so the roles has evolved, Desann became the bad, Kyle became the good. But notice that could have happened reverse, too, just like between Revan and Malak. So this big bad Desann plans to do some bad thing again. Exploiting the emotions of Kyle he follows him to the Valley, to trace down the location of the secret energy, because he wanna bath HIS men in the power of the ancient souls, "reborning" them to Dark Jedi, who will be Force Sensitive, strong, and able to use the Force.

And this will happen. Following luke meets Kyle Katarn at the jedi academyKyle they find the secret Force Nexus, and after Kyle has finished there, and went back to Luke's Academy, almost in the same time as he starts his trainings there, the Reborn project also begins. Kyle had lost his abilities, so he advances slowly step by step, we can give him a new Force point after each missions, so we can understand his progress was slow, and could take a long time while he regain his full strength. He had to visit many planets, arrange many things and while he was busy with these, Desann transported his men to the Valley of the Jedi. Dozens, or even hundreds of reborn had bath there in the blue Force well, it was so crowded there, like the mice are swarming in the granary desann_tavion_reborn_armyaround the corn. Many synthetic reborns were created. Different classes, some were trained to fight, others focused on the Force. It is similar to the Jedi classes, just remember the Jedi Guardian, Sentinel, or Consular classes, the main difference is only that the Sith gain power from the Dark Side. Desann slowly trained an army of Reborns, there were Reborn Acrobats, Force users, Fencers, and Bosses. And do not forget those Shadow troopers, and the two bosses, Desann and Tavion.

kyle defeats a reborn_orangeAs they got stronger, they could send their own men to those planets, where the New Republic sent somebody. Soon kyle_lukeKyle had to face some of them, once together with Luke Skywalker they fought together. It surprised them, Luke had to meditate on this, while Kyle was working on destroying this new reborn_trap_bespinthreat, unaware of the fact they have plenty of reinforcement. reborn_teamThe mice just pouring out of that granary, with its door left open. If he killed one, two other came out from the Valley of the Jedi, and there were many Reborns now. Desann and his army became a real threat. The "mice" decided it is time to attack out from the granary.

Their numbers and their arrogance made them brave, they came out from the darkness, and with a bold move they attacked Yavin, with the plan to destroy the Academy itself, and they won't share the Nexus with the Jedi any more. So with a large number of swamptrooperswamp troopers, stormtroopers, and armored units like AT-ST walkers and probe droids, and with some dozens of Shadow troopers the Reborn army and Lord Desann landed on Yavin, and advanced forward fast. The New Republic forces were quickly defeated, so they reached the Academy almost without any resistance. The Jedi in the Academy were mainly Padawans, who got problems with the intruders. They suffered losses, some of the Padawans and younglings were killed, or captured, but even some experienced Jedi were killed there. So they sent out alarm signals, requesting immediate help from anyone, who is able to get back before it could be too late. reborns_vs_padawansKyle Katarn was also rushed back for the signal, and hurried to the Academy, but he was slowed down because of the stormtroopers, swamptroopers, and the cloaked Shadow troopers that were left behind everywhere in the swamps and jungle areas. But somehow reborn_yavinacademy_courtyard attackKyle managed to get Academy, providing valuable support for the survival Jedi, and together they defeated the Reborns. Kyle ran after the fleeing desann vs kyle epic battleDesann, but he was covered by some of his best men, while he disappeared in a secret underground tunnel. Kyle finished those Reborns too in the courtyard of the Academy. Finally he caught up the Chistori, and in an epic lightsaber battle he defeated the Sith Lord, proving the Light always triumph over the Darkness.

In the meantime the New Republic forces arrive, and disarm and capture many enemy troops, but Tavion manages to flee with many Reborns, and escaping they plan their next evil plan. They plan to found a new sect, which wanna resurrect a big Sith lord (Marka Ragnos), and now they really wanna conquer the whole world, and BTW to prepare the Jedi Knight series to be continued with Jedi Academy.



The weakest Reborn was probably made an untalented human, or he got only some remaining of that blue Force, but anyway, he is not that strong. He wears an orange hood, an orange dress, and an orange pair of trousers. His booths and arms were not armored, only bandaged.

Reborn Force User:

Basically reborn_forceuserthis class should be an analog of the Jedi Consular class, namely they prefer using the Force, and focusing it instead of fighting. He is not strong if compared with a Consular, but there was somebody in the new Reborn army who was able to use the Force, and could wield a piros reborn spinning his lightsabersaber without cutting himself. He liked taunting his opponents, or threaten him with some Force tricks, for example this one in the picture, who is spinning his saber above his hand. But usually it makes clear that he is not so clever that he claims himself. He wears a red hood, a red dress, and an orange pair of trousers with some red patterns on it. His booths were armed with a red plate, and his arms were armored with a silvery armplate.

Reborn Acrobat:

A skilled reborn_acrobat_ceiling attackclass who jumps, somersaults, and very quick. He is able to hold himself up on the ceiling, waiting silently for his prey, and jumping on him if the opponent is under him. This class is similar to that physical trained method, that could be seen when Yoda trained Luke in the reborn_acrobatDagobah jungle, climbing lians, somersaulting, standing on his hands and other acrobatic skills. Acrobats don't often use the Force, but with the saber they are good. He wears a bluish purple hood, a bluish dress, and a bluish purple pair of trousers. His booths were armed with a blue plate, and his arms were armored with a silvery armplate.

Reborn Fencer:

A reborn_fencerfencing, fighting class. This one may be the analog of the Jedi Guardian class, where the Jedi prefers the lightsaber fight, focusing on his fighting skills, not that diplomatic, rather grab the lightsaber. The fencer is also aggressive, offensive, the let's go and fight type. They have quite good skills, very good fencers, a single fencer is a challenge, a group of them is a real threat. He wears a light blue hood, a similar bluish dress with some patterns on it, and a bluish purple pair of trousers. His booths were armed with a blue plate, and his arms were armored with a silvery armplate.

Reborn Boss:

A rebornboss_vs_kyle_cloudcity_carbonfreezingchamberreal boss amongst the Reborns. The strongest class. Balanced, all of the above thing is in him, reborn_bossfights well, acrobatic, and can use the Force. He is a good opponent, even Kyle Katarn had problems with these. He wears a red hood, a similar red dress, and a bluish purple pair of trousers. His booths were armed with a silver plate, and his arms were armored with a silvery armplate.

Funny thing:

The Reborn often communicates, taunts, intimidate us. Ancient Sith trick, they would like to deconcentrate the opponent, make him angry, quick tempered with criticizing his height, strength, skills. In the game they often taunt us, saying funny things, like they expected more from a Jedi, especially from Kyle Katarn, stating you'll die by my hands, and Master Desann will be pleased. Often they just shout at us, like "Jedi!!!"





Custom Reborn figure front

custom_reborn_figure front view


Custom Force user Reborn figure side



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