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Prior to the Clone Wars, Baldarek worked as a bartender in the galaxy. As the Chiss were an unusual sight in the wider galaxy, he picked up the nickname "Red-Eye", after his distinctive glowing eyes. During this period, Baldarek visited the pleasure world of Zeltros, in the Inner Rim. He partied there for a week, becoming mesmerized by the scent of Zeltron pheromones. Some of his recollections of his time there made it into the tourist guide, "Luxury on the Inner Rim".

Much later, Baldarek was employed by Reelo Baruk, a Rodian crime lord on Nar Shaddaa. He worked in Baruk's Bar, a cantina frequented by Baruk's thugs. Kyle Katarn visited the bar while trying to track down reelo barukReelo Baruk. Balderek however did not serve him, did not even taking a look of the newcomer customer. But after Kyle put down his lightsaber in front of him, the bartender became more friendly. Starting the conversation Kyle soon noticed the funny pronouncement of the chiss bartender kyle katarnnal beszélgetbartender, who often ends his words with an S. Recommending a ruby bliel to Katarn, the Jedi instead asked for a Corellian ale. The grimy nature of the bar also prompted Katarn to specify a clean glass. bartender_narshaddaa balderekWhen Katarn sought information on Baruk's whereabouts from Baldarek, the bartender lured him into a trap by keeping his attention away from a group of thugs (weequay, gran, and rodian thugs) who were about to attack Katarn. bartender_megadja magátThe bartender succeeded in this role and activated a metal shield to seal the area behind the bar for protection. The attackers, however, were less successful and all died at the blade of Katarn's lightsaber. Katarn then found a switch upstairs, which reopened the bar, so Kyle returned to the traitorous chiss, and threatened the bartender, who revealed Baruk's location. Katarn eventually tracked down Baruk and killed him. (My fellow Star Wars fan friend, Darth Stryker created an alternate ending. He returned to Balderek, Force Pushed him out from his bar, then from the cantina itself, finally pushing him down from the rooftop of the large, tall Nar Shaddaa building.)

With the death of his employer, bartender_hatulrolBaldarek left Nar Shaddaa and sought employment elsewhere. Later he'd found employment for a Hutt crime lord on the planet Nar Kreeta. The Hutt had kidnapped a group of local Mining Guild elders, and was amusing himself by pitting them against his pet rancor. This drew the attention of the New Jedi Order, who dispatched Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr to deal with the situation. While infiltrating the base, Korr encountered Baldarek in the Hutt's cantina Baldarek first appeared in the Mission to Nar Shaddaa in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast; Baldarek can optionally be killed by the player (Kyle Katarn) during the fray which has no effect to the remainder of the game.

Later a Chiss bartender, who looks identical to this bartender, appears in the Mission to Nar Kreeta in the PC version of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy as a background figure. This article assumes the two bartenders are the same individual, and that Katarn does not kill Baldarek in Jedi Outcast. This is based, in part, on email confirmation from Cory J. Herndon who wrote Zeltros: Pleasure Planet which identified Baldarek by name for the first time. The name "Baldarek" is based on Baldrick, a character from the British TV series Blackadder.

The voice actor for Baldarek in Jedi Outcast was Nick Jameson. The role was credited as simply "bartender multi elölBartender". His in-game model can be used as a character skin for both Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy multiplayer. There is a hidden NPC in Jedi Academy entitled 'RebornChiss', which is basically bartender_hatulrolBaldarek with two red lightsabers and dark force powers. He will attack the player, but is reasonably easy to defeat; it is unknown if this model was going to have any further use in the game, as the name applies he could have started working with the Cult but this bartender elölrőlseems to have been cut. It is also notable that there is a 'RebornRodian', 'RebornTrandoshan' and 'RebornWeequay', possibly bartender hátulrólimplying that mercenaries would also become working for the cult, possibly under the leadership of Baldarek. Here you can see 2 front pictures and 2 back pictures from the character, both from Jedi Outcast multiplayer, and from Jedi Academy. From JA, you can also see Maren Galek alias the Starkiller's skin. The pictures were sent in by Darth Stryker, too.

thrawnWhile making this bartender figure, I had to use an Admiral Thrawn for the purpose. In that time, the Expanded Universe Thrawn was a quite expensive figure, with its diorama card. Despite all of these, I feel it worth making a Balderek from it. It is a very rare custom figure, I haven't seen any so far. Also, a very unique character, despite he was only a bartender, he became very ppopular later on.


Custom bartender Balderek figure front



Custom Redeye Balderek figure back



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 written by: Norbert Rostas 2012. 06. 19. the figure was made years before


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