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Mon Mothma was the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance. She was a stern, stately 48 years old woman when we first saw her in the Return of the Jedi. monmothma_hungarian_sw_encyklopediaMon Mothma was born into a wealthy and influential family living on Chandrila. Her mother, Tanis Mothma was the governor of the planet, and her father was an arbiter-general for the Republic, so it came as no surprise when she would follow in their influential footsteps and became familiar with the politics. At the age of nineteen she was elected to represent the Bormea Sector in the Galactic Senate, becoming the youngest Senator ever to serve which record was later broken by Leia Organa, future apprentice and colleague of Mon Mothma.

As a senator, mon mothma_bail organa_padme amidalaMon Mothma was a proponent of the rights of local systems, raising to speak for them in the Senate. She was a daring woman with charisma and political savvy, soon she found friend sand allies, and of course she was not devoid of enemies. Bail Organa and Padme Amidala were especially close to her, while she was a really painful thorn in Palpatine's eye. Just before the Clone Wars, she became a member of the Loyalist CommitteeLoyalist Committee which organization collected fellow Senators who shared similar ideals about the Republic, the democracy, in an effort to stop or at least to reduce the power of Chancellor Palpatine. There were such prominent politicians in the Committee like Chi Eekway, Terr Taneel, Fang Zar and Giddean Danu. The Delegation of 2000Delegation of 2000 presented a petition to Chancellor Palpatine in a deleted scene of Episode 3, but the Chancellor didn't even care about it. The Dark Lord made false promises saying that he would give up his fang zar had been killed lateremergency powers, and with long smart sentences he disarmed them. Later he had the still arguing Fang Zar killed to silence Fang Zar when he tried to speak. Up to this point Mon Mothma urged fellow Senators to publicly speak out against Emperor Palpatine with her, but she recanted after Zar's murder and after witnessing the Empire's subjugation of Kashyyyk. It became evident, there was no way to openly confront Palpatine.

In opposition to Palpatine's ascendancy, Mon Mothma organized intelligence cells, pockets of resistance to challenge the Empire, forming what was to become the Rebel Alliance. She continued to use her official channels, senatorial privilege and political contacts to effect change, and tried to place Senate's oversight on Imperial operations and to cover efforts to undermine the Imperial rule. In addition, Mon Mothma tutored Bail's adopted daughter, Leia Organa, in political and diplomatic affairs, preparing her for the politics. While Bail Organa helped Mon Mothma in everything, secretly supplying the Alliance, he still played the role of political opponent to Mon Mothma in the Senate. Eventually Palpatine finally lost patience with Mon MothmaPalpatine finally lost patience with Mon Mothma's outspoken opposition, turning everybody against him, and her forthright views against the Empire and decided to have Mon Mothma arrested. She narrowly escaped thanks to a warning from her friend, Bail Organa.

Mon Mothma then spent the next several years on the run from the Empire. As a fugitive, she made contact with various resistance groups, forming underground political cells. Mothma's life was threatened not only by Imperial agents, but by overly-suspicious resistance groups as well. Mon Mothma's role in unifying the separate resistance groups into the Rebel Alliance is unquestioned, forming a more coherent organization, which we later met as the Rebel Alliance in the movies. The true birth of the Rebellion was the signing of the Corellian Treaty, where three main resistance groups swore on their lives to join the Alliance, and answer to Mothma. Mothma, and her Advisory Council became supreme rulers of the Alliance. Her critics, such as Garm Bel Iblis, pointed out that Mon Mothma was assuming dictatorial powers on the level of her enemy Palpatine. Mon Mothma instated a policy in that every two years members of the Alliance would vote on her continued command. She was never gave reason to be changed in all the years of Rebellion while she was working for them.

Once the Alliance was truly formed, Mon Mothma wrote the Declaration of Rebellion. This document, personally addressed to Palpatine, indicted the Emperor on a number of crimes. The declaration served to undo the damage of Imperial propaganda that painted the Rebels as terrorists. As a result of the declaration, many worlds opened their eyes, and decided to ally themselves with the Rebellion. Captain Raymus Antilles became the right hand of Mon Mothma, and they made the Rebels braver, not just boosting their numbers, but also providing them the needed technologies. They became more powerful, more organized. This included gaining the x_wingX-wing starfighter for the Alliance. Soon the time came to an armed resistance. When the rebels stole the plans of the first Death Star, the war became unavoidable. Vader's ship attacked the spaceship Tantive IV fleeing with the documents aboard, killed her crew, Vader choked captain Antilles, and arrested senator Leia Organa. They destroyed Alderaan with the Death Star, to make Leia speak, and additionally to get rid of Bail Organa. Yet, the plans reached the Rebellion, who attacked and destroyed the Death Star. The Empire took revenge, the counter attack annihilated the secret rebel base on Hoth, defeating their whole ground army. Jobin the son of Mon Mothma was killed in the Battle of HothJobin, the son of Mon Mothma was killed in the Battle of Hoth, so Mon Mothma lost not only their base, but also her son, which made her heart full of pain. In this screenshot she is sad not only for the killed bothan spies, but very possibly her son's memory got into her mind.

A few years later Bothan spies learned that the Emperor is personally oversees the construction of the Second Death Star. mon mothma_leads rebel briefingMon Mothma led the briefing for the Rebel officers and troopers before the Battle of second death starEndor in the Return of the Jedi, knowing that it was the Alliance's best chance to defeat the Empire by destroying both its dreadful weapon the second Death Star and its leader, Palpatine, effectively eliminating both in the same time. They achieved both of their goals in the Battle of Endor. The victory however was only a new beginning! Mon Mothma was newly faced with the challenge of transforming a half-military Rebellion into a fully functional government. She organized a Galactic Congress, a diplomatic conference that helped establish the New Republic government. mon_mothma_szenatusMon Mothma had again a part in it. In this screenshot she is working in the new senate with Leia Organa Solo, the picture was made by KotF. She became Chief of State of the new government that emerged, and helped guide it through the numerous growing pains and threats that plagued it during its formative years to fight the remnants of the Empire, the Nagai, and the Tofs, as well as such threats as the Ssi-Ruuk during the Bakura crisis, when imperials and rebels had to fight together the external enemy. She faced trouble within her own government, too (Borsk Fey'lya).

mon_mothma_marajade_mysteries of the sithMon Mothma supported Luke Skywalker in his efforts to reestablish the Jedi Order to protect and guide the New Republic. She gave her official sanction to Skywalker's efforts to find and recruit potential Jedi. Mon Mothma permitted for Luke Skywalker to use the former Rebel base on Yavin 4's moon as a home for the new Jedi school. She had a closer connection with Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, and Mara Jade out of Luke's friends and apprentices among the game characters. In the game Jedi knight 1 Mara Jade talked to mon_mothma_kyle_janMon Mothma in a scene, while in Jedi knight 2 Jedi Outcast she appear twice, first at the very beginning, when Mon Mothma contacted mon_mothma_kyle_jan artus primeKyle Katarn and Jan Ors via a hologram transmission to investigate an Imperial Remnant base on Kejim. After they returned with an Artusian crystal in her office, she sent them to Artus Prime to investigate further. (This crystal will be built into the shadow trooper armor.)

When attempting to forge peace with remnants of the former Empire at a diplomatic journey, Mon Mothma was secretly poisoned. She was given a drink poisoned with a nano-engineered virus that was dismantling her cell structure one by one. Slowly she wasted away while New Republic medics were helpless to save her. Lying on her deathbed, Mon Mothma tendered her resignation as Chief of State, and passed on the leadership to Leia Organa Solo, preparing for the worst. At the last minute Mon Mothma was saved by a Mon Calamari Jedi called Cilghal who used the Force to cleanse her body. Within a few weeks she was standing again. Leia tried to convince Mothma to become Chief of State again, but Mothma refused feeling that the time had come for her to step aside.

Mon Mothma retired. She rarely appeared to the public, lately she was a guest of honor at the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. But her condition continued to worsen, and shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong War, she died peacefully, in her sleep. In honor of her courage and bravery throughout the years, a New Republic Imperial-class Star Destroyer was given the name Mon Mothma.

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