opening screen of republic commando

Republic Commando

Republic Commando

Developer: Lucasarts

Publisher: Lucastarts, Activision




A small infant opens his eyes. He has just born. He is in a shiny, white hall. Tall, slender creatures are walking around him, they are working with cloning vats. One of those tall beings comes to him, a female one. She greets the new-born babies. Her voice is sweet, soft, and filled with love. An other three small babies get the same welcome in the same room. They are the future members of the taunwe_republiccommandoDelta Squad, we are at Kamino, and we hear the dependable voice of Taun We.

"Greetings young one. I am Taun We. You are a small clone. You are the property of the Republic. We were expecting you." The infant "Boss", "Fixer", "Sev", "Scorch" has been born.


These are the first screens of the FPS game called Republic Commando. This is the first time when you see those clones, who you can direct through an important period of their life. For a short antecedent you can see some flashing pictures about their life's first minutes, then later their educations, practices, drills, and combat simulations. They don't have names. They have identifiers. These are only numbers, but later they stick nick names one an other. Here are our heroes, and their identifiers:


Republic Commando characters


delta_squadRC-1162 Scorch

RC-1207 Sev

RC-1140 Fixer

RC-1138 Boss, that is your character


RC is for Recon Commando. The clones identify each other with the last two digit of their ID. Even they call themselves with those numbers, so e.g. Scorch thinks on himself as six-two. Kinda prison feeling, ain't it? Prisoner 1162, you have a visitor! Captive 1207 hold your pot, here is your soup! :)

For us, this is weird. Human mind identifies the name of the person as the part of the ego. We identify ourselves with our names, if we hear somebody calling our names we turn to him. Our name is our identity, as a matter of fact almost equal as our self-awareness. But the clones don't care about this. But Master Obi-wan Kenobi was not able to call his men on their numbers. We all know an example, the name "Cody" was given by Kenobi. But he named an other clone, too. A clone commander from the elite ARC trooper Alfa squad was named Alfa. So practically Obi-wan was the godfather of two clones... :)


Six-Two earned the nickname "Scorch" after an ordnance accident during training that left him without eyebrows for a short time. This is rather a mockery nickname. Once, during a mission Boss refers to this accident, saying "just get us inside without killing the squad, okay Scorch?". However they all trust him, and vica-versa. The Delta squad could not have been so successful, if they haven't trusted one an other, as a small group of four they are dependent on one an other. Nevertheless they always play somebody up, not just Scorch, but the others, too.


Clone training:


clonedrillsThe four clones got perfect training in tactics, in warfare strategies, and were trained physically, too. They had to study many thing when they were younger, they were sitting in front of their monitors all the time in their small blue outfits. Even when playing they had to learn much.

They had physical education, too. They were trained by Walon Vau. They were trained specially, and were handled differently then the ordinary clones. They were planned to be a special force one day. They will get special missions behind enemy lines, they will have to do important tasks quickly, silently, in a perfect harmony with each other. They will have to operate every machinery, will have to be able to kill with any weapon, they will have to get through all doors, and will have to slice in all computers. If they won't have a firearm to use, they have to be prepared to fight with bare hands, or with a vibroblade fast and deadly.

British special force SAS worked in enemy territory pretty the same way during the second world war. They got special missions. They did not have to fight on the fronts, as the other foot soldiers. They did not have to kill everybody that came by, but rather had to neutralize only the target person if that were possible. But mostly they didn't have to kill a person, but to take photo of a secret document, or to spy and find out enemy plans or moves, or to get data on new innovations, to destroy enemy objects, or to hold important locations till the arrival of the reinforcement. Well, these sort of missions are almost all available in the games nowadays, so Repcom also gives you these kinda tasks! Great veteran soldiers supervised the reality of military actions when planning the game. Delta squad is a special squad, an elite team, and it is an honor to be a member of it. They were respected by the foot clones, and were received special treatment. If there were an extremely difficult situation, or a dangerous task, or any of those special missions that I mentioned about the SAS above, Delta Squad were sent to the spot.




deltaLet me mention some of their missions in brief. Just a few moments of the Delta squad, a few events that this commando took part. As Battle of Geonosis has ended on the battlefield, it was just started for the Delta. After the seen events of Episode II, Republic Commando characters was secretly transported near the HQ of Sun Fac, and they were sent down into the catacombs under the droid factory levels to find and assassin the geonosian commander. They were flown in individually, dispersed. So first they had to rendezvous on the surface. All 3 team members was first seen while doing some very typical of them. For example Scorch was found as detonating a big machine for us, or Sev was first seen while in close combat with a droid. After your Delta squad is teamed up, you gotta fight many droids, and geonosians to get in to the catacombs and to find Sun Fac. They/or rather we manage to find that talented geonosian warlord, who almost escaped, but in the last moment we can shoot down his starfighter.

droidThe developers invented a very unique new battle droid. The droids have big "eyes", they have round vision sensors, that seems like a spectacles. That is funny, seems like that glasses that Harry Potter has, or that clever dwarf had in the cartoon "Smurfs". :) Despite the droids wear glasses, they still pretty inaccurate. :-) If you wanna spare some ammo, just run them down, and finish them with your wrist blade, they will fire around you even if you are in front of them. :-) I will mention this wrist blade later on, but let me tell you a nice bug about this! The best way to take out a shielded destroyer droid to run to it, and start stabbing it through its shield with your blade, a few stabs, and the destroyer is down! If you kill them, any type of droids, or even the trandoshans and the geonosians, their blood or hydraulic liquid will/can be sprayed into your face. But fortunately, your helmet has a self-cleaning system, that will clean away the dirt from your eyes. That is a cool effect, also very nice when your helmet cleans the rain drops.

Let's go back to their missions. So after taking out Sun Fac, they had to prevent a Confederacy ship to escape with steeling its launch codes, and before the whole ship had been detonated, they had to reach the escape point, and leave behind the destroyed CIS ship.


bossLater, on the board of the Assault Ship (that is the early form of the imperial star destroyers) called Prosecutor most of the Delta team members had been injured and captured. The only unnoticed, and unhurt Boss (that's you) gotta find and rescue the others. After healing them the squad continued the planned mission, what was to destroy a drop ship that was a business between the trandoshans and the CIS. (The Trandoshans were conspiring to sell the ship to the Separatists to buy battle droids.) After that they had to survive a huge attack of droids, and to hold their positions while the reinforcement arrived.


grievous_repcomtarffulAt Kashyyyk they free Tarfful, who will be the future leader of the Wookie army, and one of the organizers of the resistance in the time of Episode III. They will meet General Grievous here, but unfortunately they cannot capture him, but they defeat some of his Magnaguards. They destroy the bridge of Kachirno (a Wookie city), they free the Citadel, then they disperse again, to capture 4 heavy Anti-Air turrets in 4 locations, to be able to prevent the landing of the CIS fleet, that wanna start the invasion of Kashyyyk.


Equipments and Armaments:


During the training years all 4 Delta commando gained weapon mastery with all kinda weapons. So practically any of the members are able to use any weapons under any circumstances. However they are all experts, each Delta clone has a preferred duty or weapon.

Boss is the brain of the squad, he has a good strategic thinking, he understands the field tactics, and uses it perfectly, he decides quickly, and mostly chooses the best alternative. Delta commando trust him, and obey his orders immediately, without thinking.

Fixer can fix everything, and is able to repair all kinda military stuff. Also, he slices the computers, the opening mechanism of the doors, and the security systems.

Where you can't get in gently with codes, there you gotta breech. Scorch is the demolition expert. He uses the demolition packs, timed bombs, door breech plastics, trap mines, and sometimes the anti-armor explosives.

Sev is the master of vibroblade, martial art, and hand-to-hand fight. Aggressive, fast moving, but in the meantime very strong. Also, he is maybe the best sniper of the team, so mostly he takes the sharpshooter positions on the battlefield.

dc17basedc17mBut in the game that won't be so differenced. In general, all 4 clones use the same armament. Their main (and practically the only) weapon is the DC-17m Republic clone blaster rifle.


dc17msniperYou will attach later extra attachments on this rifle. You'll soon find the sniper attachment, an ion pulse equipment, which contains a scope, an electromagnetic zoom (10x-20x), and a laser target system. This equipment can take a magazine with 5 bullets, and they have 4 of these magazines, so each commando can shoot 20 aimed shots per rifle. This rifle is mostly related to Sev, but that is not only his duty, the other 3 Republic Commando characters can use it almost the same accurate.

dc17armorLater we get the Anti-armor attachment. It is a thick barrel, you can load in those rockets that can be seen on Scorch's right thigh. He stores 2 cylinder-like ammunition in that holder, this charge can destroy an SBD (Super battle droid - as they say it short), its armor can't ward off this big firepower. This charge is also good against spider walkers, but you gotta pump several of these anti-armor charges till it goes down. This weapon is often mismatched with Scorch, but in the game YOU will use it with Boss in most cases.


dc15sThis is their armament. They have a small pistol too, but this DC-15s Side Arm Blaster is very weak, has a short range, but if you are short of ammo, or out of ammo you can protect yourself at least. But this is not a big deal. Also, Republic Commando has some great grenades, and detonators.


As the last resort they can use the vibro knives, that they have under their armor attached on their wrist. This is kinda Wrist blade, similar that the Predator has. This is a hand-to-hand weapon, that Predators use to "scalp" the enemy, which means they cut the enemy's head off. They dehydrate the heads, and put the dried heads into their treasury, to be able to prove and verify for their grandchildren some 40 years later how a big hero the grandpa was. :-)

But Delta commando use it for an other reason. They like this weapon for quite missions, attacking enemy from behind, silently and quickly killing him with the blade. Except Sev... Who enjoys to fence with that, he likes to jump into close combat, and spinning amongst the hordes of enemy troops, and killing them with his wrist blade. It is like a deadly dance, but he is covered with the blood and/or the hydraulic liquid of his dance partners...


helmet_clearTheir helmet is a special helmet. Maybe because of Sev's death dance, it was developed to clear off the dirt from the visor. No matter if it was blood or any kind of liquids, the helmet automatically wipes it off. With this method the Republic Commando clones can always see during the combat. Very similar that the Formula 1 pilots have many layers on their helmet, and if one became dirty, they tear it down, and throw it away, so the can see on the track. They usually have some rubber pieces, or water- or oil drops to clean off, while Delta clones have blood, rain, or hydraulic liquid getting on their visors. But anyway, both professions need a continuous eye sight, and both need to see every small details to survive the danger!

night vision modeIn the night, and in the dark areas, too. So the helmet has  a special "night vision mode" which amplifies the light, and makes it possible to continue the fight in the dark, too. It is very similar (again) with one of the Predator's vision modes. They have 3 modes. First is good against humans, this amplifies the heat of their body, or their aura, the second is good against Aliens, and the third is good for detecting hostile Predators, who wears the cloaking field on them, which makes them invisible. This vision mode makes me remember delta clones' night vision mode.


bactaMaybe one of their most indispensable equipments is the reviving kit. This is a small equipment, but this can help to save the life of a severely injured team member. Putting it on his heart you can bring him back from agony. Even if dying, the revived clone can be healed up to the maximum vitality, just send him into a large bacta machine, or into this small bacta equipment which can be found on the wall at several locations of the game. J




An action figure of Scorch was made by Hasbro in early 2006 with the permission of Lucasarts, to make a memento for the game Republic Commando. Soon there was released the geonosianrepcom_set commander, repcom_battlepackSun Fac. And in 2007 the rest of Delta Squad were turned into action figures as an exclusive set of the four Delta clone along with three Geonosian warriors. But it contained the same Scorch and Sun Fac figures again, that we already had, but also the two other geonosians were just a repainted figures.


Sun Fac


A great warlord, with a big strategic potential. Sun Fac served as Poggle the Lessers's chief lieutenant. He was an aristocrat geonosian, his royal outfit is gorgeous. His chest armor is ornamented, made of gold, has some gemstones on it, and is really splendid. Even his inguinal belt is very exquisite. A great figure! There were some geonosians available in the shops, but I think Sun Fac is the best of them! He has a beautiful painting not only on his outfit, but also on his body. His skin was painted greenish, and brownish. His thigh is prickly! This insect-like look makes him really cool. It comes with a kinda spear. This is different then the worker geonosian's goad. It is better, and nicer. Its handle is in the middle, it is abraded black. He also have a stronger sonic weapon, which is a dangerous weapon in the game, especially the laser beamed, new type!

Sun Fac aristocratic position was evident in his insect-like wings, as well as the tusks at the edge of his mouth. Like most other Geonosian aristocrats, he was ruthless in his management of the wingless worker geonosians. Sun Fac's right eye has either been sealed shut or entirely missing. The large scar across his face suggests his missing eye was due to a battle wound, or a duel. It can be well seen on the figure, too.

sunfac_poggleSun Fac was the right-hand of Poggle the Lesser. He knew the plans about the preparing Death Star. He was present as Poggle the Lesser presided over Amidala's trial, where Padme was found guilty of treason, and sentenced to death in the Geonosian arena. Sun Fac was an intelligent and creative geonosian, not a simple geonosian, maybe that was the reason he was released as an action figure.

sun_fac_deadAfter the battle of geonosis Sun Fac wanted to escape, he did manage to get in his starfighter, but as the ship lifted from the landing platform, it was shot in its engine by clone commando RC-1207 (Sev), the sharpshooter of Delta Squad. The engine has severely damaged in the explosion, and with a thick smoke it crashed back into the platform with Sun Fac perishing in the cockpit.





scorch"62" has a quite nice painting. He is having mostly yellow-white-gray colors all over his armor. There are dirty spots on his leg and on his stomach. He looks pretty cool. He has a real good stance in the box, but after you opened it, you may be a little bit disappointed, as it seems you can't articulate it too much. The figure has articulation points in its neck, shoulder, wrist, and thigh. His rifle is the already mentioned DC-17m clone rifle. He is holding it in his hand, and already had attached the anti-armor attachment. On his right thigh there are two more anti-armor shells in that storage tank. You can remove that storage, bud sadly there will remain the strap, the was holding the storage. Also, there will be a hole in Scorch's thigh. So I suggest you to let that storage tank on his thigh. It looks better with it anyways.

scorch backpack displays 62You can remove his backpack, too. He stores extra ammo, some charges, demolition packs, and some bacta in it. But I can't find the name of the soldier on it! I wanted to see those blue digital numbers, that can be seen in the game, it displays the ID of the clone. So Scorch has 62 on his display. Or should have been displayed... L

The wrist blade is also missing for the hungry fan eyes. It would have been great to have it included. Scorch is a superb character, its figure is nice, but I think not all fans and gamers are satisfied with it. They may expected more after those play hours.


Delta team members love each other. They are brother by genes, and also brothers-in-arms. They would given their lives for the others. Sev and Scorch are like two clowns, they are always joking, and they boost the moral of the squad with it. This is very practical, when they are before action, when they afraid of dead, and never know if they even came home after the battle. These two wags are always making fun, playing tricks, and they try to make the mood better. The team laugh their heads off, uproarious, wildly, manly, and dares to face their faith, and with their fears.

Have you seen Alien 2? When the commando travels to the planet LV-426 to face the hundreds of deadly Aliens you could watch their hearth beats on the monitors. It was so quick, that you couldn't see the pause between two beats. And there stood up Hudson, the wag of that commando, and he started to make fun. Do you remember? He wanted to make them laugh, wanted to see his squad members to forget theirs fears, to be prepared for the fight. He asked who is the greatest team, which is the best squad, WE ARE, we go down, and we kick their ass! We are predators! (this is the third time I mentioned predators in this article, maybe that was not an accident...;-)

Well, the same wags are Scorch and Sev. Two good friends. They have developed a bond as strong and deep as family. They are joking before and during missions, but they trust, love, help, and respect each other, and they are true friend. Maybe that was the reason that I wanted these two clones on my shelf.



Funny quotes from RepCom by the Delta clones, mostly by Sev and Scorch.

Holographic advisor: And you need to disable the generator.
Sev: Disable?
Scorch: Uh... it means to blow up.
Sev: Oh, yeah... I knew that.

Scorch: I think we may have to blast our way through that... And I'm not saying that because I like to blow stuff up.
Sev: Yes, you are.

Sev: Some people in order to achieve maximum combat effectiveness, say they need to get into the zone. Sir, I live in the zone.

Scorch: Was it red-red-green or red-green-red?
Sev: And he's supposed to be the demolitions expert?

Sev: A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. It has two zoom modes, ...Up close and personal... and ...Hello, you're dead?

Sev: Hahaha, stupid droid.
Scorch: It's still kicking. I think we need to hit this thing again.

Scorch: Rule number 48, Sev: any crash you can walk away from, is a good one.

Scorch: [After receiving orders.] Uh, why aren't we moving?
Boss: Sev, the button?
Sev: Oh, sorry Sir.

Boss: Its still kicking. I think we need to hit this thing again.

Scorch: [after killing a Geonosian] Hey Sev, this one looks like your mother.

Scorch: Man, this place gives me the creeps.
Sev: Ah, Scorch... Nothing better than a jungle hunt. Hiding in the bush, putting a plasma bolt through a hostile's cranium...
[sighs wistfully]
Sev: Makes me feel alive.
Scorch: Okay, now Oh-Seven's giving me the creeps.

Sev: Damn, I don't believe it!
Scorch: What's wrong, Sev?
Sev: I've lost count of my kills!

Boss: [sees a lightsaber] An elegant weapon for a more civilized time, eh? Well, guess what? Times have changed!

Scorch: If we're all clones, why am I the only one with a sense of humor?

Sev: That's what I'm talking about. It's a power generator... in the middle of a tree. Strange.
Scorch: Sev, when we get back, I'm going to make sure you get some R and R.

Boss: Need... Bacta... commandos!
Scorch: Can you die later, sir? Now just isn't a good time.

Boss: Need... Help... Commandos!
Scorch: Alright, but if I get shot in the back, I'm blaming you.

Boss: Need... Bacta... commandos.
Sev: Hold on to your guts boss, while I rip out theirs.

Boss: Cancel that Bacta, Commando!
Delta 62: Sadist.

Boss: Cancel that maneuver, Delta!
Scorch: Are you trying to baffle the enemy into submission, Sir?

Boss: [to Scorch] Snipe them from here, Delta.
Sev: Are you sure you don't want someone who can shoot straight, Sir?

Boss: Cancel that demolition, Delta.
Scorch: You're no fun anymore, Sir.

Boss: [Kills himself with own explosives]
Scorch: And that's why explosives need special training.

Boss: [Kills another Delta]
Scorch: Sir, are you sure we're from the same genes?

Scorch: [meets dead Clone trooper] What a waste of good genes.
Sev: Maybe it is not too late for you to sign up for those planes. (he thinks on Republic Gunships)

These guys are always joking. Even in the biggest chaos they find a minute to entertain the others with soldier-jokes. These are good to ease their tension, to let out the stress.




When Delta used the combined firepower of the wookie anti-air turrets to destroy the Separatist cruiser, they were ordered to climb out from those turrets, and to rendezvous at Boss's position - but only 2 clones arrived. On the way, Sev was ambushed by Separatist forces, and he was captured. Clones always obey orders unconditionally, but this time they almost disobey it. Torn between following orders and rescuing their brother-in-arm, the rest of Delta Squad reluctantly left the area knowing that duty came before brotherhood. However Scorch is raving with fury, they can't risk the mission, they had to leave their friend back. As Anakin was not permitted to turn back the Gunship to pick up Padme Amidala who felt out from the airplane, as it would have given a good chance for Dooku to escape, Republic Commando neither were permitted to rescue their brother, because it should have risked the secret operations that were started and led by Master Yoda. He was a Jedi general at this time, and he is just arriving to Kashyyyk to help the wookies, which was continued in EPIII.


republic commandoMany of the fans hope or believe that we can find and rescue Sev in the second part of Republic Commando. Gossips say chapter II will be titled Order 66, and we will be together with Sev again, but unfortunately we won't only meet battle droids, super battle droids, spider droids, trandoshans, but also Jedi masters, what would be very painful to kill Jedi.


While we are waiting for Order 66 I bought the available figures (Scorch, Republic commando battle pack, Sun Fac) and handmade a custom Sev to be able to take a look for the heroes of Republic Commando PC game in my home. I think many other fans have done the same. At l(e)ast we can review our favorites in plastic.



We add some extra information and pictures, as the Hungarian voice actor of the clones had given his voice for our Hungarian mirror site of this Republic Commando main article. Why he? Because he was the voice of all clones, and Jango Fett himself. He gave his voice for Temuera Morrison, and since Temuera Morrison gave his voice for Boss in the game, the protagonist who was directed by the player, it was eminent, we had to ask the same actor who gave his voice in the movie, too. For our biggest joy, he was willing to help. Now he has two sections with his voice on our site. That is why we had "clone month" in the previous month.

We can open up an extra in the game Republic Commando after each successful missions. These extras give us a special sight into the depth of the game, namely how was it dubbed. And since the good dubbing gives us a better game feeling, Lucasarts asked temuera morrisonTemuera Morrison for the role of Boss. He was the protagonist clone, who was controlled by the gamer. And we can take a look at that work, when the Boss was given voice by temuera_morrisonTemuera Morrison. Also, we got a short interview with Temuera Morrison, we saw him sitting in the studio, with an head phone on his head, acting the role of Boss, fully entering himself into the role. Sometimes he feels so deep in the role, that he uses his arms, when the Boss points to a door that had to be detonated. Boss gives orders to the fellow clones in the squad, Sev, Fixer, and Scorch. He can send them into bacta, can order them to blow up things, take sniper positions, rush the enemy in search and destroy mode, or to follow the Boss, forming up behind him. Since I used quite often that formation, the Hungarian voice actor says form up, and follow me to CustomStarWars. :-)

Delta squad, forming up!

Take them down quietly, Delta!  (order for taking a sniper position)

Cancel snipe maneuver commando!

Secure that area!

Stop limping around and get some bacta, soldier!


Darth Stryker, our "KotF specialist" wanted to salute the actor with two pictures. The two screenshots were made with a special Knights of the Force mod applied to Republic Commando, illustrating maybe one of the most symbolical scenes of the game, the capture of Sun Fac, the Geonosian leader. On the two screenshots we can see the Delta commando entering the catacombsthe Delta commando entering the catacombs, below the Geonosian arena, on a secret mission to capture Sun Fac. Delta squadThe Republic Commando were in a big fight with multiple kinds of droids, but they managed to fight though them, and to get into the secret hive, when Sun Fac was, the second picture is pretty like that entrance of that hive.

We added these two special dubbing picures, and those few Boss sentences from the game for your joy, and for the respect of Zoltan Berzsenyi, as he gave us his voice sample. Now we can have the whole story, the game advantures, the guns, the team members, and the great voices, which ALL made this game so good that it is.



Special thanks for Rophek Zellus, one of my friends, who helped to take photos for almost every section opening articles.

written and translated by: Norbert Rostas


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