Battlefront 1


Developer: Pandemic Studios

Publisher: Lucasarts

Team based first person shooter



Before Battlefront 1 Lucasarts hadn't a team-based FPS (first person shooter) game. They wanted to made up for this what we have missed, and released this realistic, great looking game with the fantastic feeling of Star Wars. But they haven't only filled the gap in the segment, but launched a market-leader, very popular project, that soon conquered the world. The game has conquered Hungary too, and became very popular between the Hungarian Star Wars fans, but also, it has made a conquest of neutral gamers. The game was a success, however its goal is extremely simple: you gotta kill every members from the opposite team, or got to occupy all Command Posts.


rhen_icecaveThe graphics is superb in this approx. 2 giga sized program. You gotta have an at least Pentium III 1G processor to make it run, but the install wizard still rejects it! Since it recognizes your 1G processor as an 999,9MHz processor, many players had to set their processor speed over 1G. The planets are very nice despite of the hardware require is not that much for today. You couldn't visit (virtually) the planet Rhen Var so far, which is famous of its ice caves, but in this superb game you can travel to Rhen Var twice. But you can also visit the well-known planets from the classical trilogy, like Bespin, Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Yavin, and prequel trilogy plots, like Naboo, Geonosis, Kashyyyk, and Kamino.

Music are presented by the film music of John Williams. Exciting and Star Wars-like music will be heard while playing, but this is quite a primary condition in the present. Sounds are also very authentic, all the shots, the machines, the rolling and firing of the destroyer droids, the buzzing of the jetpacks, the microphones of the stormtroopers, the "neighing" of the tauntauns, and all other sounds are sensational, authentic.

Installing your game you'll be able to choose from 4 controllable civilizations: rebels of the Rebel Alliance, imperials of the Galactic Empire, clones of the Republic, and droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems- CIS.




The single player has not a great story. The film events are playable mostly by narrated a film character, all battles are to represent a battle of the Star Wars era.

battle of nabooFor example the droid army launch their invasion against Naboo with the lead of OOM-9 droid commander, following the instructions of Darth Sidious. Later Jedi masters command the counter attack of the Republic, sometimes illustrated with cut scenes of the films, for example Battle of Geonosis is commented by Obi wan Kenobi and master Yoda at the window.

spinning menuThe single player is linear, which ONLY allows you to advance to the next mission if the previous battle was successfully won. All missions are illustrated by its planet in a spinning menu. All won battles can be played later anytime, but you can also advance to the next one.  After the last battle a demo will be awarded, that shows some celebrations of the winning civilization. Also, it is a bonus demo for the victorious gamer, who won the single player campaign. This victory is especially valuable, if you played a harder AI. The harder the AI, the biggest the challenge. The game can be VERY difficult to win against a hardest opponent, as the AI is a BIG CHEATER, your team's number will be depleted very soon, that is impossible that the AI killed a team member of your squad in each and every second, but anyway, you will be alone very often, you'll be the only living soldier of your team very frequently. That is pretty frustrating, especially that the AI will have several troopers left, so you'll be probably very angry at Kashyyyk Islands commanding the Empire or the CIS. AND, to make it even more difficult, the natives will aid the "good" ones, and will be spawning INFINITELY! That means playing the Galactic Empire you gotta kill not only the rebels, who are wearing green-brown uniforms, and cannot be detected easily behind their covers and hiding spots, BUT ALSO the wookies. Killing the wookies is needed, as they fire at you like a crazy, but they don't worth points! That means if you are alone at the end, and let's say you'll have still 3 rebels to find and kill, that often means you gotta kill that 3 rebels, AND who knows, some extra wookies who spawn into battle occasionally. blockadeThat is a tough one...  It is a good choice to use your blockade bonus against Kashyyyk when playing a Galactic Conquest mode when controlling the CIS. At the end of the round all civilizations gain a bonus to occupy a planet without a battle, or to free, or even detonate into space dust with the Imperial Death Star. I like to use it against Kashyyyk, and relieved, but surprised watch the destruction of Alderaan in the demo...


Galactic Conquest


This is a really enjoyable one. Two rival civilizations are against each other. Both has a home planet. From there they want to conquer hostile planets in the first round. All possessed planets that a player has gives a special bonus, however the human player can only use the bonus of the home planet in the first round. Conquering the other hostile planets does not give us bonus yet, but at least the AI can not use their bonus against us, neither. The first round is usually the more difficult one. Everybody can choose that planets to attack, which has a convenient bonus for your tactics, or style. The planets, that you conquer in the 1st round will give you your bonuses in the 2nd round! Also, you gotta think about the tactical advantages, and the features of the terrain, as all locations have their advantages. For example Bespin (with the carbon freezing chamber) level has NO vehicles, so you won't need a sabotage bonus, but in the narrow corridors you can make advantage of a  Jedi bonus, so you'll need to find out the ideal tactics for every planets.


sabotage_bonusI like to start at Bespin Platform for 2 reasons. First, the long corridor can be well protected with a sniper even against the hardest AI. Second, Bespin gives you the sabotage bonus, and since I like to use the vehicles, I can't let the enemy to sabotage my vehicles, so I take their sabotage bonus with capturing Bespin. But in the second round I enjoy to sabotage their vehicles. That makes their vehicles very vulnerable, they are smoking, a few shots are enough to detonate their vehicles, and then you can rule the battlefield with your vehicle, shooting the helpless, scared infantry that usually run up and down in panic. :)



The second round still not an easy pie, but much better. The enemy keeps loosing their bonuses and their planets. In the meantime, we are getting rich with many gained bonuses. Use that one, which really helps your style, fight strategy, or the one which has some advantage on the terrain. Also, you'll get a free planet in the second round, that you can take without resistance. Decide wisely, when you select a planet to capture. Use this "easy victory" (as Lord Vader said after Luke fell into the carbon freezing machine) to get a planet that you cannot win in your opinion, or that one, which is difficult to take without a good bonus. The program will notify you (in English) to select a planet to take without fight, be careful, don't click automatically without listening to the message, because you can have an easy planet destroyed instead of that one you wanted to have destroyed. After that you can watch a pleasant Endor cut scene, when the rebels overflow, the CIS blockade, the Republic liberate, and the Empire destroy the difficult planet. At last, the enemy looses all of his planets, and retreats to his home planet. You "only" have to squelch the still poisonous, deadly cobra in its nest... If you succeed, and manage to defeat the enemy on its home planet, the game is over, you have won the Galactic Conquest. Watch your well deserved triumph ceremony, that is your victory cut scene, and start it over with an other civilization!


Instant Action

instant_actionIt is as it seems, this mode is an instant action. That means you can list your wished planets to the right hand side menu, you don't have to play the sequence of the single player in its spinning menu, you can choose you favorite ones, that you wanna try. You don't have to play through the whole game, if you wanna play the only on the last planet, you can instantly play the wished battle. However please keep in mind, that Instant Action does not have Jedi, neither those nice cut scenes, nor bonuses!


Battlefront 1 bonuses:

Bacta tank:

Portable bacta tanks (The trooper recovers from injuries in small doses) This bonus is very handy for those who play a basic soldier. If you can not find an FX-7 medical droid nearby, or there is not a medic (here called engineer, or pilot) around you, just hide into a dark corner, relax, and wait a bit till bacta slowly regenerates your worn out, tired body. :)

Elite training:

That means your troops got great training, and because of that, they aim better, more accurate. This usually gives you a better Hit/Damage index. So if you hit an enemy with a normally trained soldier, that cause him a (let's say) minus ten damage from his health, then shooting with an elite trained trooper on the same enemy, on the same area can cause (let's say) twenty points of injury. I have no data on the opposite of this situation, I mean there is no clue if an "elite training" soldier gets hit, he should injure the half of the normal rate, but I doubt it.

Orbital sensors: Spy satellites are orbital equipments in the space, that make your battlefield all visible, you can detect any movement of the enemy. It is useful against those, who wanna sneak to your Command Post unobserved. You can easily notice them with Orbital sensors, they have no chance to capture an empty, abandoned Command Post in silence. It is also liked by fast units, and pilots, who can see the enemy movement on their screen, and they can prevent, or withhold an enemy offense quickly flying into battle, where their troops have problems without them. It is even easier to launch a counter-attack, too. Engineers in the vehicles like this bonus too. Sitting in an AT-TE you can turn your vehicle to that direction, where the orbital sensors shows many enemies in a small area, then opening fire you can kill dozens of people with a single shot. And just watch their corpses flying away all over in every direction because of the large firepower and detonation of your AT-TE. :)

Secondary Reinforcement: When a battle is almost lost, and your army number goes down under 20 troops, your commanders send a small reinforcement of 20-25 men, which can save you. It can turn the tide! A tight squeeze can be turn into a victory, as the reinforcement arrives to a command post, mainly to your LAST available CP, and that is good, as your troops can't disperse, they are together, pooled at the last CP, the enemy can't kill them one by one, separately. Be careful, this bonus is your second chance, it can win you the almost lost battle!

Sabotage: Our undercover men had damaged the enemy vehicles, therefore they can hardly work, they are smoking, their "health status" is very low, a few shots and they detonate, this is a perfect bonus for those missions that have vehicles. I have already mentioned this, as this is my favorite, you can be almost invincible in a vehicle with this bonus. It is a great decision on Naboo, Hoth, Geonosis, Tatooine for BOTH sides, and I recommend it for the rebels on Endor and on the Kashyyyk beach.

Jedi: A Jedi or a Sith master was sent to aid you in the battle. The jedi are let's say immortal. You can't kill them in this game, they deflect our shots, and they can't even injured or wounded because of the brutal firepower of the AT-TE. I had an interesting experience, I wanted to kill Count Dooku dooku flies away because of a huge shot of the at-teso I didnot care about winning the battle, just shot him from every guns of my AT-TE. If he stands on his foot he can defend himself, so I shot NEXT TO him, the detonation threw him into the air, just watch my illustration, Dooku was there where the fire is, he flew 20 meters so far, and still flies. :-) He could not even stand up, as he wallowed in the sand because of my shots, he got the "radiation therapy" while flying in the air, or lying on the ground, but no use, he didn't even felt it! He got so much laser in his stomach, that would be enough to operate the optical telecommunication networks in the whole world, but Dooku only got dirty because he was wallowing in the dirt, but he did not wanted to became one with the Force. :-) In the meantime, our men also arrived, and started to shoot him, but no use, so THAT STRONG ally is a Jedi bonus!

But a smarter gamer than me does not waste his/her time to kill the Jedi, rather avoids him, and focuses on the other members of the opponent team, if we kill them all, the game is over, with or without that Jedi.


Funny moments:

Our troops often communicate with us, or with the enemy. The next story has happened with me. Imagine this situation. There is a raging battle, I have taken out many opponent in my life, but they also killed several of my troopers. Both sides fires desperately, the battle is dreadful, loud, screaming, detonations are everywhere. One of my clone troopers is standing facing to a wall, does not fight, thinks on something, and suddenly says: "I hear something...". What could he hear, that was new?? The fight is on for 10 minutes, we hardly can hear each other because of the noise, and he just realized from the "slight noises" that the war has broken out?! This is funny, but on the other hand annoying, too. Same funny is the "enemy detected" quote, well, in the battle that is more difficult NOT TO DETECT an enemy, who shoots at you from the nearby. Or maybe he has just realized the enemy is here? :-)

The other funny-annoying thing comes from the order "follow me". With this command you get 2 men who follow you everywhere. Three rifles is better then yours, so you can have a bigger chance against the foe. But in the critical moment, when your squad number goes under 20, your men turn around, and run away! Or if you are in a vehicle, they disembark, or get off, and run away. When I noticed this, I did not let them go, as we are better together, so I order them to stay, commanding them to follow me, again. They answered soldierly "yes, sir" then turn back, and ran away... :)

This following follow me situation has happened to me at the battle of Hoth. This is BF1's biggest, and most painful mistake in my opinion. I usually choose to pilot a snow speeder in the hardest game, I often tow-cable the walkers, and in the meantime I usually kill some 80-90 infantrymen with my cannons. Despite of that, my team has gone under the critical 20, but we could have had the chance to win the tight game, as the opponent also had just some troopers, so I could have killed them them with my air speeder. But what I heard then? My co-pilot, or gunner at the tow cable had to get off, and run away as his program routine was scripted to turn the tide alone. So he jumped out from my airplane, and I saw him on my monitor to fall down on the icy ground of Hoth, and break his stupid skull down there... :)

This is pathetic, and a huge tactical mistake, our men does not follow your commands, they don't follow me after the critical moment! They don't gather let's say at the last command post, and don't stick together, but run away like a madman, and alone they will be an easy prey for the precise enemy fire, it is just a target practice, or a clay-pigeon shooting for the victorious team. After that the lone human player also becomes an easy prey for them in the end.

As an explanation, we hear every time a pretty questionable answer. They say this models the panic of our troopers, as they wanna save their lives, and run away. But that is a false conception, as our soldiers don't run AWAY, but run TO the enemy, and have themselves killed, lead themselves to be butchered as a slaughter cattle.

The aim of the game can be reduced to make the enemy run, they have to go down twenty earlier then you do, after the critical point you can easily finish up the lonely running remnants.




Infantry: Basic soldiers with basic weaponry. The simple battle droid, the imperial stormtrooper, a rebel soldier, and the clone troopers are the normal foot soldiers of this game. They are fast, but they have nothing special features. This is a perfect choice for novice gamers, it is like a run and shoot service. Their rifles have rapid firing, they have some great thermal detonator. They are ideal for close combat.


cis_double_zoomSnipers: They are perfect for ranged assaults. They have sniper scoped rifles. These rifles are strong, generally two aimed shot is enough to liquidate any kind of enemy troopers. Droids of CIS and the rebels have a better rifle, they have a double zoom, you can see and fire the twice of the normal distance! Playing this service you will be mad, as the AI always cheats to trick your sniper! At the very moment, when you fire the enemy who is in your scope, he quickly changes the direction of his movement, as they could have known, they are in your cross-hairs! Also, they have an unnatural movement, and they don't give you an easy target. Sometimes they even somersault, which makes me very angry! How they know when to somersault, and how could anyone jump away from a coming bullet?? (This mistake was not corrected in BF2, you can notice a kinda "sliding", when a trooper (impossibly) slides like 5-10 meters on the ground in the instant of the shot, tricking out the sniper.) You can empty lots of magazines, shooting away you bullets, never hitting the enemy. I remember Charlie Sheen's movie, the Hot Shots 2, when he tried to hit silently an Arab guard at the door, so Sheen used his bow for that. But the Arab somehow just always happened to stepped aside, or leaned down, or turned away when Sheen shot at him, so he was soon out of arrows. The door was like a hedgehog behind and around the Arab, it was full of arrows, but the Arab was unhurt. Finally Sheen grabbed a chicken, and used it as an arrow, and hit the Arab in his stomach with the chicken. :) Anyway, I would recommend this service for advanced players.

It is interesting that the wookie city, which we could watch later in the Revenge of the Sith, was on George Lucas's table when this game was developed. That is why we could see, and also we could play the battle of Kashyyyk with both sides WELL BEFORE the ROTS film! But even now, when we have seen the movie (several times) could be very exciting to command the CIS forces, and to land on the shores of the wookie beach, to break through the clone defense lines, and to suppress the wookie rebellion. Or try the clones then! Just try to defend your lines to stop the droid invasion, try to take out the coming CIS vehicles, or to detonate them with the help of your wookie allies, or try to shoot the attacking CIS droids from above, the wooden fortress. This mission is the heaven ofclone_sniper_kashyyyk snipers, there are plenty of sharpshooters up there, an behind the barricades. With this screenshot, you can imagine what had master Yoda seen from above, when he overseen the battle with Commander Gree in front of a wooden wookie house up there. A shot almost hit Yoda then, remember? I stand with my clone sharpshooter there, where this scene could have happened. And let me repeat, we could see it, and play this battle well before the film, so we, who could tried BF1 were familiar with the battle of Kashyyyk before the Revenge of the Sith!


Engineers, or pilots: Strategic, and very important service! Engineers are the best to operate a vehicle, armored mechs, and any kinds of air units. They can repair everything with their fusion cutter, and they even can renew the destroyed FX-7 medical droids, and the Gonk droids, who give you the ammunition.

Also, this service can deploy armored turrets, which give you a bigger firepower, and a better protection for the gunner because of its durasteel cover. But this service is not for the frontline, you'd rather to redeploy the destroyed turrets, repair the damaged armored mechs, and to repair the med and ammo droids.

They are also perfect medics, as they can throw a tank of bacta for the injured fellow troopers, and can also give a magazine of bullets for the soldiers, who fight in the front. The following strategy is pretty popular. You gotta take a good strategic command post, or any other great location, like this one on the illustration. This is at Bespin, Cloud City. This place is well-defended, and has a medical, and an ammo droid. Also, this is a high spot, you can see far from here, and you can watch the enemy movements on the ramp of the other side, plus you can oversee the courtyard below. Asfx_gonk_engineer cook-books say, "take two" rocket launcher troopers (called "heavy troopers"), who can fire powerful rockets to the enemy. "Add" an engineer, who will repair the damages, and gives extra ammo and bacta for them. The Gonk and the FX reload him immediately, so he can load the heavy troopers infinitely. They won't have to spare with the rockets, they can waste the rockets even for a single infantry, to waste the enemy troops. A shot, a dead. An other shot, an other one dies. :-)


Engineers' other tactic is to steal, or let's say capture enemy vehicles. If we know there are 2-3 armored mechs for both sides to build up their armored superiority, that could be vital to take an extra enemy vehicle. For two reasons. First, the 3:3 mechs can be changed into 4:2, which is a guaranty of success, 4 mechs easily can defeat 2. Second, what you stole, won't be spawned back for them till you possess that vehicle. That means your enemy can't use it against you again and again! But if they possess that vehicle, and you detonate them, shortly it will spawn again stolen_flashspeeder at the spawning spot, but till you have it, they can't "spawn" it back! Check out the following illustration! Right after the start I managed to steal a Flash speeder from the AI, and used it with my engineer against the AI. Our armored ascendancy was superior. We ruled the streets of Theed with my own two AAT tanks, and with the stolen Naboo speeder we have had the upper hand over the naboos. The battle was in our pocket from that.


As an extra gift, you can take a ride with the taken Flash speeder, because this vehicle is NOT AVAILABLE for the human player, it is manned by the AI, we can't have a chance to sit in its cockpit, but if you take it with your engineer, you can enjoy this speeder, too!

Engineers are a superb service, but you gotta use it properly!


Heavy troopers: Engineers, beware of this service! They are the nightmare of all vehicles! They can launch heavy demolition rockets, which are very dangerous! This rocket launcher is on their shoulder, its rockets can seriously damage any of your mechs, even if repaired from inside by an engineer, 2 or 3 of this "demolition-men" blow up in a few seconds an AT-ST, or an AAT tank, but nor the clone_speeder_jet_trooper_heavytrooperAT-TE, (clone walker) neither an AT-AT (imperial walker) can stand if 3 heavy troopers bombs them together! But if your speeder does not have two engineers inside, as this illustration depicts, you won't have a chance. This vehicle is fast, but less armored, so this heavy trooper, manning the gun turret will take scrap iron from the remnants of this clone speeder in a minute to the junkyard of Watto. If he even survives...


heavy_trooperThese heavy troopers can also deploy landmines. The careless gamers will learn how to fly, stepping on them! :) Also, the armored mechs are very vulnerable from below, so driving your mech on a mine you'll suffer a huge damage!! This service is very strong against vehicles, but very vulnerable against an infantry, since he only has his rocket launcher, and some weak pistol, so he won't give you a great advantage on the front, neither!


Special units: All civilizations have a special unit. They have some extra ability, or a special feature. The most spectacular is the ability to fly. The clone Jet trooper has a jet pack, similar that Jango Fett had. They can fly with it, till the jetpack depletes. But this clone jetpack can reload itself after a while! Also, your jet trooper will have a great EMP grenade launcher, which is quite destructive, deadly, and also looks great, but unfortunately has a few grenades. You'll see this service standing next to a Gonk droid in multi games, so the shot grenades will be reloaded by the small Gonk, so in fact you can shot infinite with this method even with this superb weapon. But this stationary stance in a spot is the favorite of the snipers, as standing next to a Gonk is a target practice for a sharpshooter. This is one of the best innovation of this game. All services are vulnerable from an other one, but in the meantime the same service is a dangerous enemy for an other one! The balance is perfect, your success cannot be guaranteed with any of the services, since all has its natural foe, as in the wild-life.

Imperial Dark trooper is quite the same.

darktroopHe flies, too, but since he has a heavy, strong armor, I would call this fly rather a big jump. The soldier jumps up from the ground, flies, then almost falls down, as he is so heavy. So he can't hover in the air, and darktroopertarget the enemies from above, what the Jet trooper can do. But his armor is thicker, than the jet trooper has. And also, he has a great weapon, that can fire out a spray of bullets, even 3-5 that can ideally kill 3-5 enemies in the same time. Also, that shot goes to several directions horizontally. It is especially deadly if the opponent is close, and all of the 3-5 bullets go into his body, which means an instant dead.


The same kind of weapon is the rebel wookie soldier's bowcaster! Very deadly! From small burst of fires to a large energy shot it can fire much. Also, the wookie itself is very strong, and can take more damage, than anybody else. You can only kill him with several hits, one is not enough for this one. Also, they are extremely 86_enemies_down_wookie_gunner_head_outtall, so even in the biggest battle you can fire at them, as its head towers above the crowd. He is so tall, that an other funny story I have. In the battle of Hoth I ordered a wookie soldier to man my tow cable harpoon, while I piloted our snowspeeder. The wookie sat in, but I surprised noticed, that the top of his head could be seen over the top of the airplane, and was visible till we flew!


Battlefront 1 action figure(s):


battlefront_scouttrooperTo immortalize the game feeling of many players with the permission of Lucasarts a Batlefront 1 figure was released officially by Hasbro. That is how the Galactic Empire's sniper from the game was born. However it is written an Exclusive Battlefront 1 Scout Trooper figure. Hmm. Or has it rather been reincarnated? As we have all seen this torso for a thousand times, this body had been released in the POTJ series. Later, they put that same figure on the nice OTC card, but is seems there were still some pieces left in their storehouses, because they put the remaining figures into this (otherwise very attractive) box. This is not a very elegant treatment toward the fans. This BF1 character and all the fans would have worth a new figure. That slender character would have been better, battlefront_sniperwho can be seen on the card, and he would have been much realistic with his own sniper rifle, what is in his hands on the picture! But he only got the old rifle of Power Of The Jedi IG-88. I feel like disappointed with this figure. However we fans of course/or unfortunately had to buy it anyway, as gamers and fans expected this figure very much. We all paid like 35 dollar (!) for it, we are willing to pay this money for a favorite, but we would like to have a well-designed, nice new figure for at least a very rare, exclusive PC game character. Please don't forget, all of these figures are sold because we, fans from all over the world buy them, so we would have been honored if we could bought a newer, high standard figure. However we all know we have to be happy with it, too, as PC game characters are rare birds.

fx7However the FX-7 medical droid was not sold like a Battlefront character, I still treat it a BF1 figure. I met him first "personally" in this game, also I was "healed" by this robot, so I liked "him". :-) It is cute, as it is moving its hands in front of me, does not even have a contact with its patient, did not even touched me, but it healed me to the maximum in a half second with its magical power, like a shaman, spinning, gesticulate with its hands, beeping wildly, then here you are, you are healthy. :-) Its role in the Empire Strikes Back was so small, that its part in the Battlefront game series is much significant. In ESB it could be seen for a few moments, while you can respect it as the "doctor" of both Battlefront games, so that is why I treat "him" as a Battlefront character.

The same goes for the battlefront_figuresGonk droid, also called the power droid. It is also more familiar from the games for many gamers, as "he" gives you the ammunition, he reloads your grenades, mines in BF1 and BF2, and in Galactic Battlegrounds this little droid gives the "power", or let's say the energy for the buildings, that don't have a power core. In the Star Wars film it had only moments, therefore many people hadn't even noticed it! For example it was in the Jawa sandcrawler, or it was going somewhere later, saying "Gooinkk, goooink" but its role is more import in Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2, without him, you'll be soon out of ammo!

That is why I usually like to depict my Battlefront 1 imperial sniper with his helpers.

dark_trooperNor the Imperial Darktrooper has been carded as a Battlefront figure, I also think he is more like an Expanded Universe character, mainly from PC games and cartoons. He was first seen in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, where he is the elite unit of the Empire, and can be trained in the Fortress. He has two phases, the higher is the phase, the stronger is the Darktrooper. He is very cute, as his metallic footsteps are creaking. He can't fly with his Jetpack in Galactic Battlegrounds. But he CAN fly in Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2! I have already mentioned his abilities above, and he is more like a human in this game then in Galactic Battlegrounds, as he does not creaking, but talking as he is a human being in a Dark trooper armor. I respect him also as a game character, that is why I bought this Expanded Universe POTF darktrooper some years ago for a quite big money, it is a valuable piece of figure.



You can play on the planets of the game in the Multiplayer mode, too. You can't use bonuses, this is a difference, but you can be together with your buddies in the same team. You can decide which team of the two facing side you wanna join. You can even change your team even during the battle, there is the symbol of the civilization on the top of your "unit select" screen, you can click that icon to select the opposite team. However playing a game on the Internet you won't be too popular, if you wanna leave the loosing team, and join the victorious, but often the host does not even let you to do this, disabling this option. You can also configure other options, when making a new multi session, you can decide if there were Jedi heroes, and you can select the wished planets you wanna play on. When you finished playing all the selected planets, after the last one the server starts it over automatically, and you can play again the whole tournament from the first one. The Battlefront 1 multiplayer is enjoyable, and cool, but BF2 will be even better, but I mention it later.


However Battlefront is is "only" a shooter game, you can play it with your brain too. This game can be very enjoyable. The nice graphics, and the great Star Wars game feeling made this game very popular, and well-known. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big cheater in the Hardest mode, but that is why so a big challenge to be victorious against it in the Single player. victoryYou can hear the original Star Wars music while roaming wonderful Star Wars planet surfaces, and scenes from the film, you can ride exotic animals, like the kaddu, and the taun-taun, also you can drive very cool and brand new mechs and vehicles, you can use the many different weaponry of many different Starwars services, so you are going to feel good, and play well. This is one of the greatest Star Wars games, if you could try it, and if you could took part of its wonder, you have already achieved victory!



written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2008.04.14.


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