battlefront 2 battlepacks

Battlefront 2


Developer: Pandemic Studios

Publisher: Lucasarts

Team based first person shooter + Jedi + space battle

Date: 2005

This game was inspired by the huge success of Battlefront 1, it had to push the advantage of the previously well-tried style of that game system, but still renewed. This is how the second team based FPS (First Person Shooter) Lucasarts game was born. The goal of this game is as easy as in the first part - taking out all enemy from the opposite team, or taking over all Command Posts, but there are some new game modes in the new BF2, which don't let the game be boring. The second episode of the game stand its ground even without the first part, as it has its new planets, this time Jedi hero is controlled by the human player, and there are space battles, which made the whole story unique, varied, and interesting!

The graphics

is similar that Battlefront 1's graphical environments. To tell to truth, it has not became much nicer, no big graphical developments seem to happened, but don't even try to install the game to the PC you had played BF1 before! This program needs a better PC. You were just OK for the installing requirements with a PIII 1G processor, but that won't be enough for this game, it will need a faster processor, more RAM, and a better graphic card. Despite of that the software seems to be not optimalized perfectly, because the lava is sometimes like an ice-floe, and between 2 pieces you can notice a sharp contour. These kinda "mistakes" are rare, basically the graphics are awesome, but that much stronger PC is not really needed. The liquid-like textures are almost the same, only their flow-speed, and dynamics are different. You only need to cover its "grid" with an other color, the texture area called "Kamino ocean" is covered with a blue, the "Mustafar lava" is covered with a mixture of red-yellow-black. The big water surfaces are always special, but that was really cool in BF1, well, the lava ocean is just the same beautiful texture, just black-red-yellow. The same VGA card wouldn't make a difference displaying the old snowflakes of Hoth, or this part's falling ashes at Mygeeto. They only should had to optimalize THIS program for THOSE older PCs, and it would work on all fans' PC, I hope many of us/you can even so play and enjoy this. The PC does not care about the planet surfaces to display, but we fans do care, so let's see those planets!

The planets

are very nice, quite the same quality like BF1 has, but there are several new ones. We could not wander on the surface of EPIII planets, we can do it in this game. We can play again the well-known scenes of the classical trilogy, like Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Yavin, and prequel trilogy's Naboo, Geonosis, Kashyyyk, Kamino. They are all known from BF1, too, but many of these were renewed, or changed a bit. There are some other scenes that were not playable in the first game, we can have the opportunity to learn Jabba's palace, but beware of his gamorrean guards! You can take a look of the interior of Leia's ship called Tantive IV, and we'll have some real hot new scenes from EPIII like Coruscant, Polis Massa, Felucia, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Utapau.

The music

is traditionally composed by John Williams. There are 3 main part of his music: the old trilogy's, the first two prequel films', and the episode III's. EPIII music is a perfect mixture of the old and the new sounds, Lucas wanted to make connection not only between the films, (EPII-EPIV) but also between the music. So we can hear first time in THIS game the famous theme of the Gigantic Duel (Anakin-Kenobi), that is the elevating track #9 from the album. But you can listen to the typical "Grievous music", and the sad "Anakin music" , too. Star Wars games were always famous for their feeling, they represent perfectly the spirit of Starwars, and play back the original sounds superb. When you encounter an exciting situation, the game plays quick music, which causes and mirrors the excitement. Let's say that is an elemental thing. But that Han Solo in BF2's cantinaseems a pretty good new idea that the program gives different music on different battle events, that represent the situation. For example when you will be about the loose a battle, you'll hear Anakin's sad, heartbreaking theme, which foreshadows his failure, and now yours too. When victory is near, you'll hear some triumphant music, like when Leia handled the medallions. In the cantina of Tatooine you'll listen to the original cantina sounds of the film!

The sounds

all original, or very similar, validated by Lucas. The shots, the steps of the AT-RT walker, the shield and laserbolt of a destroyer droid, healing of Vader, Grievous' suffocating speech, Yoda's inversed speech, the clone microphones, Tusken cry, and wookie growl, all are great, authentic to the film.

Battlefront2 civilizations

You can choose from let's say "4 and a half" civilizations: Empire, Rebel Alliance, Republic (clones), and CIS (droids) - these 4 were playable in the first episode, too. But all of them have some new squad members, or a same member that was earlier but who has some different task, or a new outfit, and therefore quite a new. So these 4 old civilizations were virtually supplemented with a fifth, the playable heroes. This is unique for this game. You get a completely new game controlling a Jedi, or an other main character! You gotta move differently, you will need a new fighting strategy, and if you played the game through, you'll get a guaranteed new game experience, if you'll start it over with a Jedi. The Jedi bonus is Luke Skywalker sprints to BF2's command postexpensive, but an expert will make use of it. First of all, the Jedi is extremely fast, and you can rush to the first unoccupied command post, and by the time the others arrive, it will be probably yours! And the second advantage of a Jedi is his Force ability, and some Forces are really cool! You can make a killing spree throwing a saber to a bunch of bad guys, or use your lightning if you wish, but Force push is also pretty cool. And for the third, with a Jedi you'll gain your always depleting life(energy) back just by sabering enemies, or with a non-jedi character (Boba Fett, Han Solo, Leia etc) just by shooting down your foe. It is highly effective - your life streak is pictured with a blue lightsaber beam, coming out from master Kenobi's hilt. But it is important to know, that Jedi cannot be healed by an FX-7 medical droid, so it is not a good idea to take cover with your Jedi if he/she does not kill BF2 Ki Adi Mundiopponents, he/she slowly loose all life energy, the blue ray goes back Kenobi's hilt, the Jedi kneels down, and becomes one with the Force. But if you fight, and kill dozens, it is still easy to die, just take a look at this illustration, Ki-Adi Mundi destroyed many droids, he cut seven in the last few seconds, but someone shot him, you won't even notice sometimes, and your Jedi is dead! It seems to be his destiny, poor Ki-Adi always gets a shot into his back, just like in the movie...

A new, and a magnificent idea - your Jedi says a farewell sentence as kneeling down, with a voice, which is very authentic of the film, and which is very typical of him. Great job again! So you'll be able to listen to Kenobi's typical "although I'm leaving, the Force will be with you, always". Master Yoda says the Dagobah line "tired I am, rest I must". Anakin is arrogant again, tells he has got something more important to do, and wanna leave. The Sith are also sensational, Leia in Battlefront2the Emperor will threat the enemy, they haven't seen him for the last time, Maul claims he has done everything, that his master ordered. Listen them all, there are plenty of comments during fight, too. Luke smiling, and says "these guys (the stormtroopers) are easy" after a successful combo, while Leia simply call them Nerf herders, or the usual "bucketheads". Leia has a tremendous, superb pistol which can kill several guys with a single shot, try to strafe while many stormies queues in front of you, and kill them all.

The Jedi are able to block frontal shots with their saber. But their are vulnerable from the back, and from the sides! Try to always face your foe, or get behind them, but never stay in a middle of a fight, or you'll end up like Aayla, or Ki-Adi. Jedi heroes (directed by the AI) were quite impossible to kill in BF1, well, this time they are just like an average man. A shot in the head, and there comes the farewell sentence! So take care of your hero, hide, jump, sprint, and don't take an unnecessary risk, or they'll have you kneeled quickly, the Jedi is also a human being, if he cannot block a shot, he might die!Obi wan Kenobi uses his lightsaber to block shots in BF2

Block the shots! Activate "block" with the button "F" and watch your Jedi lifting his saber, and protecting himself with it. But be careful, just look at your "Forcemeter" decreasing very fast! It means your Force power can be also depleted!

When depleted, your Jedi's hand falls down, he feels weak, and becomes very vulnerable, and cannot even sprint away, as his stamina has gone, nor can Force jump into the clouds, so he will be very possibly killed soon. So to prevent this, release button "F" sometimes, and let your Jedi relax a bit. He'll recover pretty soon. You gotta learn how to play with a Jedi, it is not so difficult in medium, but the hardest will be quite a challenge, a great experience, totally new game style, first you will be always killed, but as you became smarter you'll learn it, will enjoy it, and play the whole campaign with a single Jedi without loosing him or her!

Single player: What is new in the single player mode are the new soldiers (imperial officer, bothan spy, etc.), a few new bonuses, and the new story.

 New bonuses:

Auto turret: (Every own command post has an automatic defensive turret) It makes our CP more difficult to overtake by the enemy. Favorite bonus of those, who like to take enemy command posts, as they deploy an auto turret on every occupied CP, letting those CP-s harder to take back, as the ex-owner is going to face an auto turret, when they wanna take it back. Badly organized teams let their CP-s unprotected, those are easy prey. Many think that is enough to buy an auto turret, which will alone protect the base, and they can run away to enemy territory. But that is false.

Extra supplies: (Your trooper spawns with more ammo, and grenade. Const., it does not make a sense, if he will be shot BEFORE he can shoot away his extra ammo). Those guys like it, who play with an elite unit. More grenades, more mines make the unit more effective. More possibility to shot, more injured, more dead! Rush the enemy weakest point!

 Battlefront 2 Story:

We haven't got a too big story in the first part. In this second chapter war got a 501 clone legiondeeper meaning, a real value, because the shoot'em up has an aim this time, and it is easier to become one with your role. The campaign tells the story of Legion 501st. It covers the period of the blue clones from the origins, till they will be transformed imperial stormtroopers.

That means ALL painful stages of that transformation! First you'll help your Jedi generals in noble tasks, like protecting innocents on several planets, sometimes you will even get the chance to direct the general him/herself. That helps to understand, how much weight was on their shoulders, and how much did they had to trust their clones behind, who followed them as a shadow. They focused forward, concentrated on the enemy, and believed that their clones will follow truly. You will see interesting cut scenes between two campaigns showing the battles, which were made by the game's own engine. During that time you'll hear the voice of Jango Fett, (Tamueira Morrison), it will tell that the clones knew they has to attack their generals one day. It was Aayla Secura in Battlefront2 Feluciaprogrammed into their mind as a primary order, while they were floating in the cloning vat. It is awful to hear what they felt when they looked into their leader's eyes. They felt remorse, hearing Aayla Secura's kind words, when the Jedi lady told them she loved them all, they were important for her, and she handled them as a friend and a brother-in-arms. Commander Bly and his men also loved Aayla, but they got order 66 at Felucia, they had to kill her, they obeyed the order, but if a clone has a soul, it died at the "bubbleflowery" fertile world of Felucia.

The same happened everywhere. The sad things go on, you'll have to lead 501st into the Jedi temple to kill padawans. After Anakin took care of the younglings, joins us, takes the lead, we control him to taste how is it to kill the remnant of the Jedi. (I had an opportunity to try one of my friends' 501st blue helmet, then he gave me Commander Appo's blue shoulder armor, gave me a blaster, to take a real "insider" view about the 501st feeling. You can see those photos, however I did not wore his body armor, it was still tremendous!)

Norbert Rostas in Appo outfit NJM in 501 clone helmet

It is interesting to know the story of "Five-oh-first" from the game! We'll take care of the CIS "allies", we'll travel back to Kamino for a fictive event, after that the squad will be transformed to the fist of Vader, kind of pre-stormtroopers. We continue chasing the living Jedi, we'll teach a lesson for the new queen of Naboo, who helps the Rebellion, and many other interesting adventures to come, till you gotta find and capture Leia Organa on the board of Tantive IV, and with that you connected the game to the events of EP. IV, which will be continued in the film.


Galactic Conquest


The galaxy is mostly controlled by the AI, it will has about 10 planets, you'll control some 3. Your aim to change this ASAP, and finally conquer ALL planets. You'll get a minimal amount for that in the first round (1000 credit). You can do the followings:


Buy a new unit

You can buy a new unit on the screen "UNIT". You'll only have the basic trooper to use for ground attacks, and a simple pilot for space battles, but no snipers, no engineers, no elite units are available, you have to buy them first! Controlling the droids it is not a big deal, wait till you'll have enough money for a destroyer droid, buy it, and you have won the game even when playing the hardest. The enemy clones cannot do anything against droidekas, they throw every detonator towards it, but the half of it comes back from its shield, and detonates THEM, so they will die 10 for a single destroyer droid. Easy pie for CIS. But you gotta decide whether to pay for a new unit, when controlling an other civilization, too. So if you have been playing as a sniper for years, buy the sniper soldier so you can play what you know the best. Everybody buy that soldier type, which he/she needs the most, and use it against the enemy!


Buying bonus

Second alternative for spending your initial money is to buy bonus(es). Cheap, and pretty helpful could be the auto turret bonus which was mentioned above, and the secondary reinforcements. Turrets are good, if you have several CPs, which ALL have an auto turret. If you loose an own CP, but later you take it back, a turret will be deployed on it AGAIN, which is an extra "man" per base, even multiple times! Secondary reinforcements gives you a reinforcement (who would have thought...), some 20-25 men, which could make a great use at tight situations, it can decide the endgame of a battle.

Battlefront 2 bonus screen

Use your bonuses! You can even buy 3 from these mentioned bonuses from your 1000 credit! Why three? Because you can store up to three bonuses at the same time. Always gather more, then is needed at the moment, because the AI also makes its move in every round, so you may need 2 bonuses in a round. One for your turn, one for its. You can store 2 or even 3 from the same kind of bonus. An expensive, but a very useful bonus is the sabotage, and the Jedi hero bonus. Sabotage will wreck all enemy vehicles, Jedi hero will let you to be a Jedi, or a non Jedi hero (for example the Fetts, Solo, Chewie, Leia, or the non-jedi, but lightsaber wielder Grievous) these all are very special, and effective characters, too.


Buy a second fleet

An other solution for spending your money is to buy a second fleet. However a 2nd fleet consumes all of your initial 1000 credits, it would worth its money! Because the program likes to place your first fleet to the "end of the world", that would force you to slowly walk step-by-step in every round while you reach the location of the first hostile planet. And that is what you would not want to do, because playing a hardest mode you gotta act quickly, and you need to sweep the enemy out from some of its worlds, ASAP. Why? Because the program gives you your "tribute, or victory money" after each of your occupied planets! So if you have 3 planets, your money let's say multiplied with 3, while the AI, who lost the battle still has 10 planets, and even gets a lot more money. Just watch the pop-up menu after battles, and check how much more does the AI gets after even lost battles, so temporization will be only good for the AI. That is why a 2nd fleet is needed! Deploy it near to the AI territory, best solution to place it where many enemy planets are in a row, then rush them immediately!

BF2 fleet

Check out the illustration! See where is the mouse cursor? The AI placed my 1st fleet there. It is 2 steps, till I reach the nearest hostile planet, and some even more to get to the next one, oh no! So I ordered a 2nd fleet above Geonosis, you can see it on the right, the contour shows where I will deploy my new fleet. It will worth its costs, just look at the concentration of those red planets! There are 3-4 in a small area, every step is a new battle, which means us a lot of money really quick, and the enemy will loose their sources! Therefore they won't be able to buy units so quickly, and won't cheat so much. However AI will still cheat like crazy! It will redeploy its destroyed fleets without restraint, what you got to buy each time for a hard money, 1000 credit each! The AI just simply spawn them back, even without a dime in its "pocket"! So you can't deplete its sources, and you cannot force it to give up. But you can weaken it a bit, and slower it!

There is an other advantage of a second fleet! Those gamers, who prefer flying around, and better pilots then soldiers, or were trained on a simulator or Xwing vs. Tie fighter - they can get a nice money simply defending own planet with a fleet above it. They can wait for the enemy to come, and stop them in the space. They cannot land a planet, if a defensive fleet is guarding it, so the enemy has to fight their forces through the fleet first, to reach the surface. And that is not so easy for them, a great space fight specialist or let say "Sky-walker" is not so easy even for the cheater AI. But keep in mind, you cannot win the war just with space battles, you gotta land their planets, and sweep out enemy from their planets, so a 2nd fleet only helps you for a quick, successful beginning, and to launch your ground attack.


Space Battles

And here we are, we reached the probably most interesting, and the newest element of the game, the space battles. In Conquer mode you'll face (sooner or later) the enemy fleet. BF2 space battleYou will see the followings. As before ground attack, you will have to choose bonuses first. Remember, buy more bonuses! It is possible that you will have to direct 2 space battles in a round! If you attack a fleet, and win the battle, it will be destroyed. But the AI often redeploy its new fleet above a neighbor planet where the space battle happened, and attack back immediately in its turn! So buy the sabotage bonus before space battles, even 2, preparing the counter attack! This bonus will wreck all enemy fighters taking off from the hangar, they will smoke, they will hardly exist, it it enough a shot to blast them. This bonus is ideal if you wanna fly, chasing enemy fighters and shot them down. But don't count too much on your team members, your fellow pilots (directed by the AI) are very clumsy. They can hardly shoot down these smoking spacecrafts, or with a minimal targeting accuracy. If you wanna fly in to an enemy hangar, buy a space marine on the UNIT screen, who is better equipped, has a better rifle, and can detonate things with his rockets, much better then the basic pilots. OK, if you are ready with all of these, launch a space battle!


Y-wing micromachinetie bomber action fleetSpawning in a hangar look around. There are parking spacecrafts all over. You'll see fighters, they are fast, but their shield is weak, and their damage are not too strong. You'll need them, if you wanna dogfight other fast fighters, or protect own ships. But do not risk your life in them approaching enemy cruisers with turbo lasers on the top, if those hit you, you'll be down. There are bombers in the hangar. They are well shielded, and have a great firepower, but they are very slow. They are ideal for attacking those cruisers with the turbo lasers! Approach them from below, they can't shot under the ship. Quickly raise from under the cruiser with your bomber, BF2 spacebattleand drop 2-2 bombs onto those turbo lasers! You'll have a little time while the crew fix them inside, during that you can attack the main systems of the cruiser. Bombard the bridge, the engines, and the life support system, and Sensor Array, you'll get many points for them! One more trick, you can destroy the escort ships! With only 3-4 turrets on them, they are vulnerable, a few bomb attacks is enough to them to explode, with the crew inside, often 30-40 person!

Bombers give a great alternative, but many pilots are racing for Anakin's fighter or for the Trifighter, they almost fight for those, while these gorgeous bombers are empty, despite you can Battlefront2 clone hangarBF2 CIS hangarmake a miracle with them! After you learned how to use them, you can get even 100-150 points with them! Backtrack in the hangar for the moment! Look at those transporters, for example the Republic Gunship. These are very slow, hardly can protect themselves, with minimal firepower (in this game) but they are a kind of moving command posts! If you manage to get into an enemy hangar with them, your troops can spawn in the enemy hangar! But no use of them, they are clumsy. They are running up and down, they don't stick together, and if you leave the Gunship to command them, and other of those stupid members sit in the cockpit, take off, and fly away... They sometimes just hit the Gunship in the ceiling, or in a column in the hangar, and destroy it! They are sooo stupid, and against the hardest opponent, they are very weak.

So take the things in your hand! Gather some men to cover you, and run into the inner rooms thru the hangar! Search for the shield generator room, and blow up that pulsing shield generator! Without their shield you let your ships to start attacking the ship itself, and also your gunners to open fire. After that go back to the middle room, and visit all other rooms opening from it, to destroy the engine generator, the life support systems, and whatever. But beware of the sentry guns on the ceiling, they automatically open fire if an enemy enters. Also the crew won't be too friendly, you can understand them, they don't want you to blow up their systems. Shoot everybody, and everything what is in your way. Pick up clips from the floor, if you find a dead body, also their bacta tanks, they won't need them any further. Reload your gun all the time, and when you got a second without an enemy closing, start throwing your detonators, grenades, rockets, everything on the enemy systems, that you wanna destroy. It is the parallel method of destroying their systems, while your pilots do the same out in space. You can do the same damage inside, but it is a bit more difficult, but quicker! Those players, who like to play with ground troops can also enjoy space battles with this method. If you hate flying, like master Kenobi, just navigate in an enemy hangar, land there, and fight the enemy crew there, or get in their rooms, to destroy their main systems.

Plus they have an other possibility to win a space battle, even not sitting in a imperial gunnerfighter, staying in our cruiser. Just go back from your hangar to the gunner station. You can see many empty chairs attached to a main consol. Sit in one of them. You are a gunner now, manning a turret on the top of our cruiser. Kind of imperial gunner work, eh? You can choose, there are 2 kinds of turrets. One fires laserbeams, an other burst of fire. Once I managed to shoot down all enemy fighters from this gunner station! I sat in a chair, that was right faced to the exit of the enemy hangar. If someone flew out, I shot him down, I have a sabotage bonus on them, they were smoking, it was enough a single shot, or two to kill everybody. One came out, fired, blew. Second came, shot again, detonated. And that was it, I shot them all. Our pilots were flying around puzzled, there were no enemy for them... J

These are the two real advantages of BF2 (Jedis, space battle). Of course there are many more new things in the game. For example Instant Action has some cool new modes!


Instant Action

If you don't want to play the game in a preordered sequence, or just wanna play your favorite, you may want to choose this option. You can select your planets you wanna play, and you can select the mode, the way you wanna play them.


Capture the flag

Multigamers know this well. Two teams fighting each other, they need to get a flag, and take it to a selected place. Sometimes you have to take it into an enemy base, which is crawling with enemy troops, so that is more difficult, then taking the flag back to our base. Sometimes you'll be awarded to be a Jedi, don't hesitate, press F1, grab the flag, and oh we go, run like hell, use your Jedi sprint ability, and rush into the enemy base. Do not stop to fight, it worth more to gain as many points as you are able to get in your Jedi's lifetime. However even with a Jedi, this mode is quite boring, and we all know this for long.



Hmm. Really cool! Some native civilization fight the intruders. For example you can play the Hoth cut scene from ESB, when wampas attacked Echo base. Tremendous, great! Battlefront 2 wampa vs rebelI could not believe that I am running, growling as a member of a wampaherd. Our aim was to get in the base, and punch as many rebels as we can. We are VERY strong, our energy reaches the sky. You can beat down rebels from their feet, they will fly away, or somersault, really funny. But like an Alien, first they need to reach the enemy, and that is not so easy, the rebel troops firing far with their firearms, and they have defensive turrets, so that is not a child play. You can change the roles, and select a rebel, it will be very terrific to see those wampas pouring out from the tunnel! Protect your turrets, they are your main defence, and the automatic tripods. Concentrate your fire on the nearest wampa, it cannot reach you. Awesome felling, I advise to try this! There are other hunts, too, on several planets! Try all! Enjoy the Jawa-Tusken conflict on Tatooine, or the battle between elite geonosians and clones on Geonosis, or defend Naboo with Gungans against the droid army. It is not a bad idea to try Endor's Ewok vs. Imperials! It is still the same shoot them up, but interesting, and there are some play hours in this Hunt mode, too.


It is like the real battle of Geonosis! Huge crowd, everybody shoot around you, all type ofXL battle in BF2 with clone army, and AT-TE troopers are present, this is the battle of the giants! You'd better call for help, use command follow me, and act fast. You'll need a strategy too, it is not enough to shoot like crazy, because the AI is strong! While our troops are still very clumsy. If you think you would loose, hide with your little squad. Finally follow me really works, great! (F4) That was the biggest problem in BF1, but the developer corrected this mistake, and this time your men won't leave you and won't run away if your team number goes under 20. They won't panic, they stick with you, they warn you with shouts if an enemy will be detected, and follow you everywhere as a shadow! That mistake was completely corrected, great work! As Ali G would say maximum respect! J


Exciting endgame

If your men cover you, and stay with you the endgame can be a real excitement! The AI is a big cheater when playing Hardest mode in Single player, it will slaughter your men within 2 minutes in the city Theed, on Naboo. They have tanks, we don't, so it kill our troops easily. Let me tell you a trick. Right after the start give a follow me command, and collect 4 men into your squad. Run to the round square of Theed. It has 3 bridges, but a very isolated area. BF2 Theed NabooNo tanks can reach this square. The bridges are easy to watch. Sweep the enemy out of this area, and take over the command post on it. During the time you have it, no matter how much the AI has, it cannot win. Your main priorities: protect this CP, and your "follow me men". Do not go away, stay there, heal yourselves with an FX-7, (there are 2 here) and take extra ammo from the Gonk droid. Wait. By this time you have no army, the AI killed everybody down there. Only your 4 men, and you against the AI. Pretty soon they start luring up the square thru the bridges, usually 2, 3, or 4 men come in a squad. They wanna take your CP, or kill you. They cannot succeed. Protect yourselves, you mean victory together. The AI don't come with large squadron, there would be difficult to fight back 10-12 enemy troopers in the same time. But you will be able to kill 3-4 enemies, in the intervals heal yourselves again, and take ammo. Then fight the next squadron. You can do it! I have killed 80 enemy troops with my 4 men. They are disciplined, and stick with me, and help me to defend our position. And meanwhile my men are developing, as we kill the foe, they get experienced, they get elite rifles, become faster, regenerate, so with this trick you win twice!



So your become more experienced during the fights in Battlefront 2, like in role games, your  XP (experience point) is gathering. The program is monitoring your career, it counts your kills and deaths, your headshots, measures how much time you used a pistol, a grenade launcher, or a sniper rifle. As you develop, you won't only get a higher rank from green to veteran, but you'll get valuable extra feats, too. You'll be able to regenerate yourself, won't injure so much when hit, but you will get and extra damage, you'll get endurance, become stronger, faster, etc. You will get award pistol, award (sniper)rifle, or award grenade launcher. This launcher is cool. You can control the rocket, itself. I did not went out from Kashyyyk fortress, I stayed in cover, and just shot a rocket into the sky. When in the air, I controlled it to fly into a vehicle or a trooper with a critical! If you think you will miss them, just fly an other round, and come back again. Like a kamikaze pilot, really cool! This is quite a new game style! J


The engineers are important, too! Develop them well! Hack enemy vehicles with them! Use your fusion cutter on them while you reach 100% and get in the vehicle! It will be yours from that! If you do this many time during your career you'll be awarded with a self-regeneration bonus for vehicles, which is really needed. You can fix your vehicle from inside, and not only with an engineer, but with a normal trooper, too.


It worth trying everything, you'll get many upgrades, that will be constant from that time, for ALL campaigns, forever! Of course you have to play with every type Battlefront2 battlepacks droid and cloneof soldiers for this, but that helps the game to play it over and over again, people need to upgrade everything to be a really elite soldier during the career. Working on your character you'll feel great, and a cool amusement to play all classes. This feeling can be materialized, you can have these battlepacks, which display all type of droid and clone units from the game, I got from my US friend, thanks buddy, you can all watch that on the lower shelf.


BF2 developed in many thing comparing it with BF1. The directions were changed when piloting a spacecraft, what was "up", this time became "down", which is very weird. Many will hit the fighter to the ground, while we used to it. But the other new things were all better, and made the game more excited, more interesting. There are plenty of gaming hours in it! For a fan, it is binding. The Multiplayer support mainly internet games, the Single Player will give us joy!


Written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2008.02.08.


battlefront2 cover

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