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"The Naboo RSF Cruiser functions as a training vehicle for potential N-1 pilots. Its weapons, shields, and other equipment are significantly less powerful than those aboard the N-1. However, the cruiser is still among the most formidable vehicles in the Naboo arsenal." We heard Captain Panaka saying these sentences about the Polce cruiser. Jeff Coopwood was his voice actor in the game, you heard him when starting this article. Obviously, adding that Naboo was basically a peaceful planet, with minimal weapons, militia, and a small machine park which actually was just enough for internal order for sustenance and self-defense.

The n1_upgradedNaboo N-X Police Cruiser, most commonly police_cruisercalled the Police Cruiser, was the atmospheric version of the yellow N-1 starfighter, although it was also capable of sub-orbital flight. It was eleven meters long and resembled the yellow N-1 aside from a third engine module, lack of an astromech droid, and the blue paint scheme, though both were remarkably similar in appearance and performance. The same lovely slender hull, the same graceful movement, the same engine and weapon sound was characterized by both fighters. Lacking the hyperdrive and advanced targeting sensors, the NX Police Cruiser is still more than adequate for the Naboo Constabulary's needs.

The light alloy policecruiser_csataarmored hull on the Police Cruiser was similar to the N-1 and also gave the fighter its speed and maneuverability. It was like a light cavalry fast moving but more vulnerable than a heavy cavalry, who was sluggish, but roughly ironed. This made the N-X starfighter an excellent patrol craft and good for atmospheric missions. However, when forced to engage heavier or more numerous enemies, its weakness became apparent. In such situations, the pilot had no alternative but to activate the overthruster and withdraw to friendly supporting units. Experienced or reckless Naboo pilots during the war did not used the overthruster to escape, but for lightning-fast counter-attacks on the droid fighters or for chasing, intercepting maneuvers. The police_cruisersmachine has a Nubian Monarc C-2, and a modified Nubian 111 engine, so this two engines gave extra speed for the Police Cruiser. The N-1 was EVEN MORE faster, it has been one of the fastest fighters during the Clone Wars in the Galaxy, but the Naboo N1 has three engines, giving a high-class fighter for naboo_speed_bonusthe Naboo Royal Air Force in outer space, too. In the excellent Galactic Battlegrounds game this extra speed that characterized the Naboo fighters returns in a development, which is a Naboo specificity. The so-called "advanced engines", is a development that gives + 10% speed to Naboo machines. Anyone who watches Formula 1 knows that some extra kilometers/hours speed gives a large advantage, or a slipstream, or DRS use, so it might be easier to understand what 10% extra thrust means for the Naboo fighters. While escaping it can save lives, while attacking it means an advantage which can decide a battle! Obviously, there is an other Formula 1 similarity: the initial pilots are not starting their career in N1s. As Formula 1 has its lower classes, gokarting, GP2, GP3, and there the best pilots train themselves higher and higher while finally reaching the king category. And the N1 was indeed the king category of the Galaxy, no doubt, and the Police cruiser was its pre-school. Both machines were keeping prestige, not only the N1 pilots were estimated much, the Police cruiser was also a Top Gun with its best pilots, and every NX pilots had to learn to deal with the power which grumbled under their seats.

The police cruiser uldoz vulture_bomberPolice Cruiser was a recent addition to the Royal Naboo Security Forces during the Invasion of Naboo. The Police Cruiser was designed and manufactured by Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps which also developed the highly successful N-1. The RSF garrison in Theed received the first squadron of these fighters a year before the Neimoidians attacked the peaceful Naboo. Other Naboo city-states had since started to receive their own Police Cruiser squadrons after the capital was armed with its Police Cruisers, so the country Naboo has less time to prepare and to learn the fighter. Because of their likeness to the N-1s, they were often used as training vessels.

During the occupation of Theed by the Trade Federation, a mixed force of Police Cruisers and N-1 camp4 felszabadításafighters liberated Trade Federation internment camps, including the famous Camp 4 as well (obviously in line with other vehicles and land units), and the ongoing guerrilla struggle this successful mix of vehicles brought the Trade Federation's droid forces into disarray days before the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship was destroyed in orbit over Naboo. During the Clone Wars, the N-X continued to serve the Naboo by combating both pirates and Separatist forces in the Naboo system.

The NX Police Cruiser first appeared in the 2000 video game, Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo. While controlling Gavyn Sykes we can try almost the entire arsenal of Naboo, using the Police cruiser on several missions. It is very enjoyable to sit (virtually) in a Police cruiser, hunting for Staps, droids, Vultures, Hyenas, or even AAT tanks, sometimes over the swamps, sometimes flying over that grassland where shortly thereafter the Gungans will fight against the droid army. Admire the landscape, because Naboo is great - for me Naboo is the favorite planet of all! Sometimes the Naboo wildlife can be seen, or the farmer’s world, the only problem that the Naboo City Tour is constantly distracted by the enemy. But obviously it is a very noble thing to fly with Panaka, or to fight as the last hope of the tiny and defenseless planet, fighting for its freedom, facing considerable odds. The project was so successful that the Police cruiser came back in a later game, in Star Wars: Starfighter where the machine can be activated by a cheat code and it becomes available as a bonus, a reward for the fans of Naboo!


You will have the Police Cruiser midway through the level, first you have the Heavy police_cruiser_vs_stapStap. The Trade Federation has taken control of the planet, and only the swamps appear safe. You have to follow Captain Kael through the Naboo Farmlands until you reach the swamps. You will have to protect the civilians and settlements threatened by Trade Federation forces on the plains, in the farm area. Your main task here is to watch the back of police_cruiser_mocsarCaptain Kael until you reach the swamp, but you will have to also protect the farmlands of the civilians with the Naboo Heavy Stap.. After crossing a bridge, you can swap your Heavy Stap for a Police Cruiser. Continue protecting the Captain, and flying towards the swamp. This is a very little time, after a half of minute of flight you’ll reach the swamps, so you cannot enjoy your Police cruiser too much in the first time you can sit in to the vehicle.

3. level NABOO BAYOU

You will have the naboo_houseboatPolice Cruiser from the beginning this time, you can enjoy it throughout the police_cruiser_vs_vizitankwhole level. A trader village is hidden deep in the heart of the swamp. You have to locate the village before it would be destroyed. The traders may provide valuable information and allies to the police_cruiser_vs_vulturesNaboo resistance. You start off by protecting the houseboats from the Trade Federation boats, so do so (there are 3 boats to protect), then you'll have to fend off about Vulture Droid Fighters, and vedd_policecruiserHyena Bombers. When you find Officer Vedd at the end of the level, you'll have to fight about 6-7 Trade Fed Fighters with your shiny blue Police Cruiser, and Vedd will offer to help you.


Now that Borvo the police_cruiser_borvo_huttHutt has joined the Naboo resistance, you must protect his vessel until he reaches his hidden outpost. Once at the base, Borvo's own pilots will join the fight against the Trade Federation. This level is another "protect" level, because you have to protect Borvo the Hutt's ship as he makes his way to his hidden base. You start in a Flash Speeder or on a Heavy Stap, but after a left corner and a half of minutes of play you will have the chance to swap it for a Police Cruiser, or you can keep your Speeder. You'll get different missions after your decision, since with the Police Cruiser you have to hutt_starfighter_naboo_police_cruisersweep out mostly air targets such as Droid Star Fighters and air mines, while with the ground vehicles you will stay on the ground destroying ground turrets, AATs and and ground mines. You will have a great time blowing everything up that lies ahead of the Smuggler's ship, you'll have great dogfights with the Vultures, and tight rolls and turns while fighting with the turrets!


The previously battle for naboo sanctuary küldetés kísérgetősrescued civilians from the 8th level are now in your care. You have to escort them to the rendezvous point in the northern ruins. Destroy any Trade Federation forces that threaten your mission. At the beginning of the mission, you will have the stolen Trade Federation police_cruiser_aatGunboat, you must protect the convoy until they reach the ruins, but at the beginning, a large bridge leading to the ruins is destroyed by Hyenas, blocking your path, so you'll have to find an other way to get to the ruins. It's a good idea to take care of the tanks, turrets, and police_cruiser_sanctuaryAATs around the convoy to protect them until they change their houseboats for Flash speeders, then head to the hanger and swap your Gunboat for a Naboo Starfighter or a Police cruiser. Use your fighter to then blow up the large tunnel where the AATs are coming from, then fly through the valley until you reach your convoy, then protect them at all costs. There are Droid Starfighters and AATs to fight in this mission.

Police cruisers can be seen at the very end of the game. There are Police cruisers and N-1s pulling above us on the sky - weird, but I could see more celebrating ships then it was in the final battle. Fireworks are on the sky, the Naboos and Gungans are friends for the eternity. This end demo is for you, if you were involved, if you volunteered to control Lt. Gavyn Sykes, with this great job you can sit back and relax now, enjoying the celebration, fanfares, the hurrays, as you have just freed Naboo!



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