Xizor's soldier

Shadows of the Empire


Xizor's xizor_katonajasoldiers are like Coruscant guards, they have only a pistol in their hands, not a spike-like weapon. While the guards stood in the throne room and in front of it, and in front of the palace, these Xizor soldiers defended strategic sites in the corridors of xizorguard_palaceXizor's palace, and they welcomed the unwanted visitors in the sewer system under the palace. Obviously, Xizor felt that the sewer system was the weak point, that was less transparent and controllable, where the intruder could potentially try to get into his palace, so there were plenty of security systems and lots of soldiers down in the sewers.

His soldiers xizor_katonajacan be found alone, or two of them. It is rare to find more in one place. Obviously, this is good for the player, because if the soldiers wouuld be concentrated in certain places, it would be much more difficult to defeat them than one-by-one. They do not really move, they are static, they stay in their location as they are programmed. You can not even lure them with shots, neither in the air, xizor_coruscantguardnor if you kiill one of them before their nose. Until we do not cross an invisible line, they will not attack, but if you get inside their action radius, they usually start up. Especially when there is a visual contact. Interestingly they are attacking us only when we see them, but they do not see us. For example, if you're xizor_katonajabehind a column and you tilt the camera to see out of the column, though there is no visual contact, but because they detect that they are spotted, they are activated. They shout something, there are one or two pre-programmed sentences, most of the time they say "there he is", and then they start off to attack us. They obviously can not shoot, so they run ahead us to improve this situation. In this case, they get quite close, making screenshots this is ideal.

However, this xizor_trooper_forcefieldalso results errors. For example, there is a section where there is a force field on the passage, behind which there are a few soldiers. Because they see us, but they can not shoot because of the force field, so they run up and down, sometimes crouch, strafe, as if they were fighting, because there is less then one meter between us. It happened to me that one of the soldiers had been running around until somehow came through the impenetrable force field.

Another kiesett_a_plafonlyukbolwas activated when I got under him in a corridor where he was lurking in the ceiling where he had been wainting in a secret hole. But as he started to run up and down, he accidentaly felt out of the ceilinghole, the idiot felt right in front of me. He was shot after a screenshot. But there is an xizor_trooper_plafonlyukother hole in the ceiling just a little further away. There is also an important switch and another similar soldier. But since there is further a bit, so I did not crossed that particular invisible line, he was not activated. He did not care what was going on, he did xizor_emberenot care that his partner felt out of the other hole, and I killed him. He stay up motionless. I had to jetpack up for this screen, and to activate the switch in this room, by which a rotating giant wheel stops, where we have to go through to finish this level, the boss can come, thinks the careless player. You may go to the stopped wheel, which is a big mistake. Because there is such a soldier in the dark who can easily shoot us.

This is a trick of SOTE. Xizor soldiers will be at important locations or unexpected places, count on that. They usually attack at the worst places. The worst is when we can not do anything. Such is the part where there is a deep cavity with a column in the middle. There is some switches in the given places for which bombs are to be placed. We can not dosunyianything else than turning on the jetpack anddescending down slowly in the dungeon, where floors with thin louvers are on the edges. There will be a soldier on almost every floor! When you navigate slowly in an unknown place using your jetpack, you are relatively vulnerable. They have a strategic advantage, because they see us as we begin to descend, but we do not see them yet. First comes our feet, then our body, and finally our head to the given level, then we can see them IF they are in front of us. But they will mostly be behind us. Bastards. We can learn from it however, and use this experince in the next life, since there is no save and reload in this game! (This is a huge disadvantage.) But since many extra lives could be collected, at this point of the game we can have up to 8-10 extra lives, loosing one shoud be not a big deal. There will be a soldier in the deeper floors, too, so descend carefully. But the same can be imagined in the opposite direction, during the ascending. xizorkatona_csatornaImagine that we have just killed a dianoga, Rendar is barely alive, wounded in the fight, plus his air is away. We swim to the surface, we hear as Dash suffers as choking. Finally, here's the water surface, out there. Yes, but there is a rotating device, which if we get out of the water in the wrong time, it will surely hit us. We wait a little, the stick goes away, up to the surface finally, out from the water! And guess what? There is such a miserable red-armored Xizor soldier, who shoot at us. They are pretty hard, they are placed in the good places.

It is also a typical tactic that if we have to go ahead, there will be a soldier behind us, when we go to the left and look at left, they will attack from the right. This is not the AI's xizorguard_sniiperprudence, but the inventive layout of them by designers. I mean, for example, you go into a room, everywhere ASP droids, GOTO-like droids, just with guns, you shoot them down, enter the room and boom, you will be shot in the back by such a Xizor warrior from an above level. Then we kill him with our new life and we fly up with the jetpack, where there is a button that opens a door on the lower level from where we came from. But the door will be very soon closed. Man starts focusing on this, press the button, jetpacking down, rush to the door, it closed, you fail, try the whole process again. Finally, you pass through the door and what was missed? A secret room above the switch, just behind our backs. But I think not too many of us pushes the door opener button just to turn back to check whether a secret cabinet has opened behind us, instead of running through that stupid door, which can be opened for so short period of time. Noone would think that something behind us, will open with the same button. But from a description it turns out for us that there was a secret room, with a challenge point, life, ammunition that would have been otherwise guarded by such a Xizor soldier.

There are many xizor_gurad_titkoshelysecret places guarded by such a Coruscant guard. There will be one at the suspension bridge. Most people are delighted to have the operating button finally, the bridge is down, finally we can go through it. Of course you have to jump down from the bridge, walk or fly across the canyon, then fly up high in the end, and there will be a cavern with a challange point, some good xizorsoldier_secretareaammo and a healthpack, and such a soldier. The strangest one however is in the canal. Just before the second set of spinning black blades, there is a niche in the left wall. You can open it up, behind it there is a tiny cavity with some good stuff, ammunition, challenge point, and such a guard. That's more than just interesting. Why did Xizor put survival equipments for the intruders? And if he placed helping stuff all around in the sewers, why he had it protected with soldiers? And how did he send his men into these holes, how long should a soldier stay in such a squere meter small dark cavity? Till the end of his life? What if Dash can not find the place? Should the soldier drown when he runs out of oxygen, or should he die by starving? There he waits quietly, when the door of the secret cavity opens from outside, immediately shooting down the intruder? This thing is so stupid as the Empire strikes back. The whole film is stupid, but okay let’s see that part where there are some asteroids in space. One cavity in one of the giant stones is habited by a space worm. What it eats and how it got there, noone knows. But there it is, it drifts in outer space and waits and waits. Oh yeah, with open mouth all the way! In case of there would fly a shabby Millennium Falcon and accidentaly it would fly into his mouth maybe the worm could eat it. This happens obviously after some million years based on the law of great numbers.

And guess what, the shit Falcon is coming to dock into the space worm's mouth. But that idiot is so surprised that it does not close its mouth for minutes, until the Falcon flies down, they find it is not a stable position, they shoot in the worm, it starts to shake, they rolls to the right to the left, they return to the Falcon flying out, the mouth is still open! Then it start closing its mouth slowly, but so slowly that the Falcon could still slide through the teeth. No problem, a million years later, an other spaceship will come. Maybe the worm will shut its mouth then. If it won’t get starved. Thus, the case of the soldier waiting in that compartment is a similar stupid thing, still it is a less idiot situation than the Empire SB xizorguard_sewercase outlined above.

It's also an unexpected attack when we have to go through giant rotating wheels in another place. A red armored warrior lurks between the two gears beyond it and when there is a gap between the teeth, he is shooting from there. It's a lot of time for people to see where the sniper is. They're pretty well hidden.

One of the most annoying parts of the xizorguard_sewersewers is a dark part. Man does not see a thing. We have no idea where we are going. Sometimes we shoot one just to have a little light as the pistol glows, also the laser can show us how far is the wall as it flies. In addition, we need to move vertically, with the jetpack. Man flies, it seems you might find your way slowly from the dark maze, then suddenly a wall gun or some of those Xizor soldiers shoot us, and we can start start the whole wandering again. These miserable pair of soldier wait us at the top of many aviation vertical uphill sections.

Finally, I sewer_folyoso_vege_sotetmentioned they are guarding important places, but here not only ammo, but also important areas or mission items are to be understood. For example, there is the key that is in a room at the end of a section. This again weird a little bit, because why is there a key that can be used to get in the palace, and this is only guarded by a single man. Here Xizor could have been sent more guards, plus a forcefield in front of the room, with wallguns and battle droids, but it's amazingly just a single warrior.



Take a look at my Custom Xizor soldier figure!


Custom Xizor soldier figure front

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Custom Xizor soldier figure back

custom xizor_armored_guard figura hátulról


Custom Xizor soldier figure side

custom xizor_armored_guard oldalról

Custom Xizor soldier figure with removed helmet

custom xizor_armored_guard1


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written by: Norbert Rostas 2018. 02. 16 the figure was made years before


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