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"A modified version of the standard recon STAP, the heavy_stapHeavy STAP supports laser cannons and powerful missiles. The lightly armored vehicle is typically used to explore dangerous areas or mop up retreating enemy forces. Less agile than the generic STAP, the Heavy STAP has difficulty traveling over some terrain, including rivers." We heard Captain Panaka saying these sentences about the Heavy STAP. Jeff Coopwood was his voice actor in the game, you heard him when starting this article.

The topic of my article now seems to be divisive. Because it can be linked to the Prequel trilogy, which is a hated project to many so called fans, it does not even exist for them. Well, I love it. I am a huge huge fan of all three Prequel episodes. Also Episode 1’s, which is the time when the main story line of the game is played. Yeah, also the game is sucks for many, as it is old, it has ugly graphics, and anyway who plays with it nowadays. Because of these two things, many of those fans will not even take a look at my material. I do not even write to them. I belong to the older age group, but I tell myself a Prequel Trilogy fan. Within that, Naboo is an eternal favorite. In addition, I love the technology of the droid army. So the game for me is a lucky coincidence that satisfies these needs because it takes place on Naboo, and most of the time we will fight against Trade Fed machines, but sometimes we can control them, which is a special gourmet party for such a fan. But the naboo tech tree is also diverse and offers a variety of entertainment. Gian speeder, Flash speeder, N1 fightter and bomber, Police crusier. And besides, there is the Heavy Stap in the game, which is the topic of today’s article.

The STAP-2, which was also known as the Heavy STAP, was developed for the Trade Federation prior to the Invasion of Naboo.

It sported larger laser cannons and a missile launcher. Several STAP-2 vehicles were seen to be modified with shield generators. The Heavy STAP was used to scout dangerous enemy territory and to eliminate retreating enemy forces. Its armor was thicker, so it was more protected than the basic Stap, and because of its weight it was able to toss or josstle other antigravitation machines in the air. Its disadvantages included less agility than the standard STAP-1 and difficulty in crossing certain types of terrain, including rivers

It is not the world's best machine. But it's a great experience to get on it, go with it, and fight with it. It's a unique design that can not be found elsewhere, neither as an enemy unit nor as a usable vehicle. Galactic Battlegrounds has an upgraded Stap version but that is a stronger version of the Stap-1. This is a curiosity, a unique and unrepeatable experience that can only be enjoyed here, only in this game, and only during certain missions.

Right at the bfn eligazitó képernyőend of Level 1, you can get a Heavy stap, while you are struggling to escape the city. After shooting down groups of droids in Theed, you'll end up in a plaza. Kael will mention taking Heavy STAPs outside, but first you have to clear the plaza. You'll have three Destroyer droids in the area, and an AAT will be coming in from an exit to your left. Destroy them all to complete the mission, capturing two heavy staps, leaving the city with them.

Mission 2- Neimodian Plunder
Our objectives are to heavystap_sykes_panakaprotect and escort Captain Kael to the swamp. Our recommended craft is the Heavy STAP, as it is the best for this mission because it has superior maneuverability and 8 Missiles (more than the Flash Speeder). It's a little faster, and a little more agile than a Flash Speeder, and it has a few extra missiles, but you'll encounter basic Stap droids in this mission, who stapdroidok még az állatokra is lőnekare a bit faster, and a bit more experienced. You only started your game, this is the second mission, and your first time, when you ride a heavy stap. Fortunatelly the droids are not too agressive, they rather attack the farmhouses around the country, so you can easily hunt them stap_battledown. If you get beside a stap droid, you van use your larger vehicle to push them away, against a solid surface, or into a house. Your stap is stronger. It is rather a practise level, you can easily complete it, even if you wonder away a bit to hunt some extra stap droids on the fields, or just to fly around to enjoy the Naboo landscape, joyriding your heavy stap.

On the further levels, the stap-2 will be rare, it naboo_bomberwill force us to test many other machines. But you can choose on almost every level from two or three vehicles, deciding which one we want to use. If we see a Naboo hangar, feel free to go in and choose a usable vehicle. It's a good idea to try every machine and to decide on our style and our mood when we play just for fun, for the joy, or for the experience. But whoever goes for a medal must obviously consider the specifics of the mission and choose on a practical basis, depending on what is best for the given conditions. Air or ground unit would be practical? Is fast or strong the right one? Who or what is your opponent? What is the terrain? But there are missions where it is forced which vehicle is to be used, we have to play with delt cards and make the most from it.

The last security_droids_camp4mission where we get the Heavy Stap, is the 12th mission, called Liberation of Camp IV. This is a cult place. Phantom Menace also mentions this place, where the Trade Federation has imprisoned Naboo's most important leaders. Well, we will have the opportunity to free them. Since the level is relatively late at the end of the game, we must be masters of the Heavy Stap. We will need it because we have to fight camp4_heavystapagainst all sorts of opponents here. Fixed turrets, foot soldier battle droids, stap droids, and even Heavy stap droids, that means we will no longer have physical superiority on them, they sit on the same vehicle we do. In addition there will be AAT tanks, who obviously are much stronger. This mission will issue the certificate from what we have learned so far. It's a long and difficult mission. Hardly maneuverable slim mountain trails, narrow spaces, swirling fighting, fast changing fighting situations. Here, completing the level is a success, not to mention gaining medals. There is no joyriding on this level. There is combat with a powerful machine, a desperate struggle with the help of the good old heavy stap to save and escort out the important naboo people from Camp 4. But the experience is unforgettable.

The heavy stap is not just a weird starwars antigravity motorbike. This is a cult and extremely unique vehicle that can be played only in this game. Its engine sound, movement, and firing are unique. There are plenty of great vehicles in the Battle for Naboo game, but if we're playing the game, let's use the Heavy Stap because once we've piloted it, we never forget the experience when we could fly over Naboo's fields with a STAP-2 vehicle.


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Custom Heavy STAP







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 written by: Norbert Rostas 2018.06.08, the vehicle was made many years ago


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