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HK-55 was a hk55HK-series assassin droid that served the Sith Lord Lana Beniko during the conquest of the galaxy by the Eternal Empire and hk55afterwards. He was programmed as a bodyguard, but also functioned as an assassin droid when required. After his destruction during the Battle of Asylum, he was eventually rebuilt and brought into the service of the Outlander. HK-55 is a companion character in the digital expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire for the video game Star Wars: The hk55Old Republic. He is voiced by Kristoffer Tabori in the game, who also voices HK-47, HK-50, and HK-51 in subsequent Old Republic games. HK-55 is the first HK model shown whose primary function is not as an assassin, but as a bodyguard. HK-55 is the second HK unit to refer to organic beings as "meatbags", the first being HK-47. The HK-50s and HK-51s typically simply called them "organics", with the HK-51 referring to its targets as "undesirables" or "troublemakers".

Rebuilt hk55HK-55 is only available to those who were active subscribers on January 11, 2016 In spite of HK-55's apparent death in Chapter VIII: Taking Flight, players were given a limited offer to regain him as a permanent companion. Players who were subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republicby January 11, 2016 were given the in-game mission "Arma Rasa", in which they encounter the rebuilt hk55HK-55. Additionally, players who were subscribed to the game from January 11, 2016 to August 1, 2016 received a bonus chapter of story content, labeled "Shroud of Memory". In the chapter, players are given the opportunity to assume the role of HK-55, getting access to unique abilities and dialogue options of the character. Players who were not subscribed to the game at the appropriate dates were unable to receive the bonus content.

In the Gravestone hk55HK-55 subsequently went on to join his master as the Outlander was confronted by Arcann. After a long, tenuous fight, Arcann was about to unleash a blast of Force energy to kill hk55the Outlander, forcing HK-55 to interpose himself between Arcann and his master. This action saved the Outlander, but caused HK-55 to suffer severe damage and shutdown.

The damage hk55done by Arcann's attack was initially deemed to be irreparable, but Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb, chief scientist for the new Alliance, was able to rebuild HK-55 at his laboratory on Odessen, albeit with some modifications to his chassis. This became HK-55's new body. However, HK-55's memory core was not recoverable, resulting in HK's programming being restored to factory settings and complete loss of memory to any events prior to his reactivation.

All this was worth it. As in hk55Kotor HK-47, in TOR HK-55 became the same audience favorite. So writing him out of the game would have been a mistake. At the same time, his return was a paid option. They give him back to fans if they pay or they're already subscribers at a certain date. This trend is unmistakable in the new Battlefront game, where certain content can only be enjoyed after payment. This mentality is somewhat hk55understandable from the service provider's point of view, but if this is the way to go, it may not be too good for them or for us. Remember, some of today's games are running on brutal machines, which requires money from the player, in addition MMORPG is a net game that also entails financial expense, and if you have to pay for some gaming content, it can deter certain gamers from the game.

TOR hk55_vs_scorpiohad the fans voted with the question, which droid is better, HK-55 or Scorpio. I voted myself, for HK-55. The droid however, did not seemed to be in the need of my vote. He won with 81%. He is very popular. He looks awesome, with this gold-black torso, with its chest gadget, all of him is really cool. His firepower is not bad, but his unquestionable advantage is his speech. He speaks by Kris Tabori's voice like 47 and 50, and he is just as funny, prequalifying his sentences, speaking ice cold phrases, the whole phenomenon as it is, extremly popular. I sacrificed a HK-50 for it because HK-55 was not released, so I custom made him by myself.


Custom HK-55 figure front view


hk55_custom teljes_alak elolrol

Custom HK-55 figure from the back


hk 55_hatulrol




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