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My custom endor_landingplatformlanding platform speaker figure is basically an imperial air traffic controller, such a half-military personnel, who controls, aids, navigates imperial aircrafts. A landing platform is basically a "port" that is specialized in imperial navy operations, and often includes housing for imperial commanding/operating crew, an arsenal depot for munitions, dock for the vehicles, and also a location for the various repair facilities. imperial landing platform also can dock imperial walkersThe imperial landing platform also can dock imperial walkers. The platform is like a giant table, has two legs, and a large flat surface. ATAT can attach to the legsThe AT-AT can connect to one of the two the "legs", there were built in corridors just on the perfect height, where the walker had its doors, so its crew can go in or out easily. We could see this corridor when Luke Skywalker surrendersLuke Skywalker surrendered, he met his father Darth Vader in one of the corridors of the Endor Landing Platform. Some levels above, on the "table desk" the platform can host many imperial aircrafts. my landing platform with tiefighters and tiebombersImperial air traffic control (ATC) is a service provided by ground-based controllers who directed aircraft on the ground and in the air and in the space for a short time from this building. The primary purpose of the imperial ATC crew was to coordinate the move of the aircrafts, managing their landings and take offs, calculate the optimal aircraft tie distance to prevent collisions, and to organize and expedite their mission flights. They were responsible for the identification of the returning aircraft to the landing platform, so all fighters, bombers, transport ships, and shuttles had to check-in via radio transmission, and to provide their security codes to the ATC crew before landing_platform_imperial_armylanding on the platform. Each and every aircraft, vehicle, or person walking or working in these areas was required to have clearance from Ground Control. Also, imperial pilots were told not to begin their takeoff until there was no risk of collision with a landing aircraft and until the leaving aircrafts got a safe distance from the platform. The landing platform only can dock 10 tie fighters and tie bombers in force commanderlanding platform has a limited capacity, so the ATC crew have to register how many fighters are away, and have many on board, constantly keeping the record updated during the air mission. The game Force Commander models this, too. You can have maximum 10 aircrafts, no matter if fighters or bombers, but the ATC crew can direct maximum ten randomly selected imperial vehicles. Over that number they refuse your wishes to have an other aircraft, but if one fighter or bomber happened to be lost, you can order an other one into its place. Of course in a "real" landing platform in kotfimperial landing platform these numbers would have been higher, since the landing platform surface would be bigger, and a crew could manage a larger fleet. The bigger a control platform the larger airspace area, more radars, and a bigger ATC crew it had. Usually a Flight Data Processing System manages all the flight related data, including the route, tie, fuel, ammo status, damage, strategy, space condition (such as debris, black holes, meteor storms, etc.), and tracking for all spacecrafts. All this information is distributed to modern operational display systems, making it available to all AT controllers. Ammo status means for example if your a tie bombers threw out six bombsTie bombers get rid of their deadly load, and threw away all of their bombs, they will return to your landing platform, to reload their bomb bay. You can single select all Tie bombers, under their icon you can see how many bombs they have left, for example this one in the screenshot successfully threw out 6 bombs already. Or, for example if you loose a fighter somewhere, and don't know, where it is, just click the Landing platform operator, and all aircrafts will report in. Single select the forgotten aircraft's icon, and a bright dot will appear on your radar, telling you where is the lost fighter. If a returning time to get back to the landing platform this tie squadron is damaged severelyTie fighter had a damage and needed maintenance, "the real" ATC crew ordered an immediate maintenance for them, and smart imperial engineers and mechanics started to repair the aircrafts at once right there on the platform. In Force Commander you can use your landing platform as a repairing bay, too - just order back your damaged Tie fighters and tie bombers on your landing platform, and you will witness how quick are your mechanics! No wonder, knowing Darth Vader's motivation system, which he could use for making the Death Star builder workers to "double their efforts", since everybody wanted to avoid a Force Choke, and to prevent the arrival of the Emperor, who is "not as forgiving as" the well known "fatherly, and humanist" Vader. Knowing this you won't be surprised that the status bar under your vehicles will regain their full length after a few seconds, and you can deploy them back into battle really soon! Landing platform operators had to constantly check the radars and the strategic displays and had to provide information and every other kind of support for imperial pilots. Most imperial radar displays include a map of the area, the position of the various imperial aircrafts, and aircraft identification, speed, heading, and a few other information. Most of these imperial screens display hostile aircrafts with a different color, so watching a monitor they can easily distinguish ally units from the enemy units. This was well seen in kotor1 strategic_display_radar_monitorKotOR1 too, when during the Battle of the Starforge the Old Republic ATC personnel, and even General Dodonna and Master Vandar were overseeing the battle between the Sith and the Republican aircrafts on similar displays. In addition, imperial landing platform speakers may issue instructions that pilots are required to follow, unless a higher ranked imperial personnel was present, who had more strategic experience, and was better at aviation warfare such as Darth Vader, Admiral Thrawn, or Palleon. Vader was a perfect pilot himself so he was able to direct a couple of pilots as his wingmenVader was a perfect pilot himself, so he was able to direct a couple of pilots as his wingmen, as was seen during the Battle of Yavin, when he led two Tie fighters into battle in his advanced x1 Tie fighter. Even without the help of Vader, space navigation service provides both visual and non-visual aids to navigation within a specific space battle for the rest of the pilots, too. Since the imperial fleet was a really well organized, very strictly directed organization, they were working like a Swiss cloak: punctually and precisely. All maneuvers were like written in the Book of War, tight formations, well prognostizable moves, no individual maneuvers, but strictly performed "team game". Traditional warfare, based on the power and the prestige of the Galactic Empire, not that partisan-like warfare, what was performed by the Rebel Alliance. Many Rebel pilots flew spontaneously, if notices a "fat" target, intuitively headed that way, leaving their formation, often making very unexpected moves, surprising the soldierly organized imperial pilots. To prepare for these situations, not only ground based ATC crew were applied in the landing platform, but the Imperial Navy employed many tactically well trained ATC experts on board on the navigation experts working in the bridge Vader stardestroyerStar Destroyers, as were seen in most scenes when an imperial bridge could be seen, you can see many ATC personnel and navigation crew on both the left and right sides of the Lord Vader ST 321 shuttle security code checkbridge floor. Also, the Death Star had ATC crew, but we knew them as DS (Death Star) troopers, but we could see them requesting the security codes of the Tydirium, and even Lord Vader's ST 321 shuttle, before granting it to land!

The Landing platform speaker is a half-military personnel, so his wear must represent this. They were mostly such stormtroopers, who got tactical and aviation warfare trainings. So they have a black uniform which mostly cover their body, only their chest is protected with a body armor, and they have a stormtrooper-like helmet on their head. But they often push up the facial part of the helmet above their forehead, to be able to see better. Their eyes are protected by a thick black sunglass like visor, which gives them good protection if they look up from the monitors to search a fighter in the sky, they won't be blinded by the Sun with this. They have a small microphone close to their mouth, which is used for contacting and commanding the imperial pilots.

CLICKING the landing platform the operator will report in with the following sentences! Listen to the voice of the original Force Commander landing platform ATC in MP3!

You reached landing platform air traffic control.
Landing platform operating at peak efficiency

ATTACKING with an AT-PT walker, you'll hear sounds and voices like these:

Standing by, sir!
Tie fighter copies!
Instructions received!
Course set!
Tie fighter in position!
They are in my sights!
Changing to intercept course.
Tie fighter over.

Please take a look at my Custom landing platform speaker figure.


Custom landing platform speaker figure front

Custom landing platform speaker figure front


Custom landing platform operator figure back

Custom landing platform operator figure 


Custom landing platform air traffic controller figure side

Custom landing platform air traffic controller figure 


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written by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 09. 16 the figure was made years before


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