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Dear collectors, readers, and customizers!

This section of the site will be a good place to display my collection, and hopefully there will be some more "customizers", who also wanna see his/her handmade figures on this site. I plan to make this section one of the site's most colorful, most varied, and maybe the most visited section. I am able to make the KotOR 1-2 sections and my Force Commander section colorful, and interesting from my existing pictures and articles to satisfy you hopefully, they will be my main pages to entertain you. But custom collections section needs your stuff, too! I want to unite customizers here, so if you have a custom collection that you also wanna display, just go on, send it to me. The pictures that matches the conception of this site will be displayed. BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I won't display collections which do not include custom figures (because my profile, and my webspace)! There are other sites for that, they happily display basic collection photos, this site, as the name Custom Starwars tells works with (mostly) Star Wars based custom figures. Send us some of your nicer photos if you have some cool custom figure photos!

Contact us via the email address that is on the bottom of the main page. Or just simply click this link below!


Tell you nationality, a small flag of your country will show that for the others. If you have a nick-name, or you wanna see your state, county etc after your name, please tell those, too. The pictures will be/should be compressed for a convenient size because of the limit (till they are nice, but not too big sized). Also, the number of the displayed pictures will be limited, that will depend on the number of those allies and friends who send pictures for Custom Starwars. Here I open the section, I display some of my photos, many of them will include custom figures in most scenes. (There are objects, sand, snow, houses, stalagmites, ion cannon, etc. on them) And I add a kind of Star Wars CV, but you do not have to write your CV, if you don't want to, it is just a possibility to introduce you a bit better for fellow fans, and customizers. Thank you!

 Norbert Rostas


custom grenadier trooper

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