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There are many fans who like drawn and/or written Star Wars items. Several books, cartoons, comic books study the Star Wars Universe. One of these "drawn" things is the well-known Clone Wars cartoon series, which was broadcasted on Cartoon Network TV channel. In this section we mainly handle the issue of the Clone Wars, both the two dimension, and the 3D variation. This Clone Wars cartoon was really cute, many liked it. Clone Wars cartoon has presented a lot of great characters for the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Durge on swoopbikewhich became known and popular characters since that. Just think on Asajj Ventress and Durge, but General Grievous was also made his debut in that cartoon, but also there are some sort of very unique Jedis, (which were released officially till that) like Roron Corobb (ithorian Jedi), and Foul Moudama (talz Jedi). Not to mention the half naked Anakin - tattood by the novan shaman, or master Yoda riding a Kybuck.

The "original" Hungarian dubbing actors and actresses of the films gave their voices again for the cartoon characters, that made the Hungarian version very special. Many foreign version did not used the known voices, so we can say we were lucky here in Hungary that we could enjoy the usual great voices.

Kit Fisto

realistic Kit Fisto

The characters were very interesting, because they were caricature-like. One or more of their special peculiarities was/were exaggerated, this made them very cute. So the Clone Wars figures were released in two way, animated, and realistic. Many, who dislike cartoon-like figures says they have big head, or bandy-leg. I don't think so, in my opinion they are very cute the way they are.

          animated clone  animated Grievous

"bighead clone against bandy-legged Grievous"

Further specialty of the cartoon: Anakin was initiated by the novan tribal shaman in Hungarian language in the foreign versions too. Our language maybe sounds exotic, interesting, and it is a rare and a very far language so it was easy to believe as the language of an extraterrestrial foreign language. Well, in this case we Hungarians will be able to speak with novan people at least. :-)

We would like to make a memento for this cartoon with some custom figures in this section. But also any comic book character, or any drawn character is welcomed and will be displayed in this section, so I let anybody who has some nice figures from this segment, send them in! We can display that kind of custom figures too, which were released by now. Your work on those figures are still very valuable, so if you have a custom A'Sharad Hett tusken jedi, or a Tyvocca wookie jedi (which is being planned by one of my friends) from the world of the comic books can be very valuable. But there are many comics which pours a wide variety of the great and brand new conceptions, which are basically an untouched area, there are no, or not too much "original" figures, but even custom figures are rare from this topic. So if you feel like creating some character from this "drawn" world, go for it, and send them for us, too!

animated arc commander

animated red ARC trooper commander

My custom figures, that you can see in the menu of this section, will be displayed after all section had been started. I plan to introduce them in a few word, and I will tell their story. Till that, please take this section opening article!

 written by: Norbert Rostas 2008.03.10.


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