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2010. JUNE


Dear Visitors! The Mandalorian trilogy from the Clone Wars second season are coming soon in Hungary. To be prepared, I decided to introduce some other Mandalorians from the world og games, especially from the KotOR series. First, let me introduce Canderous Ordo, the famous Mandalorian warrior who was one of the most talented members of clan Ordo, who later became the leader of the Mandalorians, but lost the war against Revan and the Old Republic, so he became Davik Kangs mercenary at Taris, where he met Revan again, what chaged their connection, and they have done great things together. Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic main section, and select Canderous Ordo from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! We introduce Mandalore, hero of PC game Kotor2 at the site Customstarwars. The leaders of the Mandalorians are typically titled and called "Mandalore". There were many Mandalores in the history, but in this article we will study the Mandalore of the game Knights of the Old Republic 2, who was Canderous Ordo from KotOR1! We will introduce his character, also, tell those things which can help the gamer influence the Mandalore to help the Exile Jedi travel to Onderon from the jungle moon Dxun, where the mandalorian camp was located. There will be several other mandalorians, and several other things, that can be connected to Mandalore, such as Iziz, zakkeg, permacrete detonator, basilisk war droid, battle circle, Zuka, Xarga, Kelborn, Kumus, cannoks, Sith assassin assault on Dxun, doctor Dhagon Ghent, and finally Esok, a mandalorian leader, who refused to join the Mandalorian army, read the article! Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section, and select Mandalore from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! The Mandalorian trilogy has been started in the Clone Wars animated cartoon on Cartoon Network here in Hungary. We heard from Death Watch members that they are proud of their ancestors, who fought bravely in the historical battles centuries ago, we met princess Satine, and saw the planet Mandalore for a couple of seconds. We learned, that previously the Republic exiled the Mandalorians to the Outer Rims, and in the present of the cartoon renegade Mandalorians are still exiled from Mandalore to the Concordia moon. You could read from these in my previous two articles, which could help you understand the Mandalorian culture. The trilogy continues with the next, and the last chapter of the topic here at CustomStarWars. We introduce the Mandalorian warriors. We mention their technology, their civilization, the mandalorian culture and traditions, some of the most famous Mandalorians, and the infamous Mandalorian armor, especially the Neo-crusader armor, which is worn by the today custom mandalorian warrior figure. Click the button of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section, and select the Mandalorian warrior from the left menu bar!








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