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2010. APRIL


Dear Visitors! To celebrate the Hungarian premier of the Clone Wars second season, I have created a brand new custom figure. This is an R4 astrodroid, who will be in the second season of Clone Wars. It was sent to Mustafar by Darth Sidious, with the mission to project the Sith lord's hologram who wanted to oversee the transformation of the kidnapped Forse sensitive children. It was made from different color Build a droid (BAD) parts, and for that it is a quite special custom figure, which was never before seen, and never was released by any. Click the Cartoon and comix main section, and select holoprojector R4 from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! We introduce you a green R5 astromech droid from Clone Wars season 1 and season 2, who were in the background, but were quite interesting for me to handmake it as a custom figure, made from only Build a droid pieces. The R5 astrodroid were seen in the hangar bay before Anakin's Shadow squadron took off to attack Grievous's flagship, the Malevolence in the first season. In the second season, this droid was in front of that house where a Force sensitive Rodian child lived, and where Obi-wan Kenobi rushed to protect him. Click the Cartoon and comix main section, and select the Clone Wars R5 from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! I've added some new informations and two new pictures to the existing Luminara Unduli article, since Clone Wars season two will give us some more from the Mirialan Jedi master. Also, a new surprise is on the way, I am prepairing to publish a new article about Aayla Secura, however the link is not working at the moment, no use of clicking it until next week. Click the Holocron main section, and select Luminara Unduli from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! I have managed to invite the Hungarian voice actress of Aayla Secura Jedi master on to the board of CustomStarWars, Ms Gerda Pikali, who gave her voice to the beautiful Twi'lek lady in the Clone Wars TV series. Since Amy Allen has never said a word in the movies, Aayla said her first sentences in the First Season of Clone Wars, therefor we can agree that Ms Jennifer Hale was her voice in English, and Ms Gerda Pikali was in Hungarian. To respect the kind actress I decided to introduce her character, especially dedicated for her. Please read the article of Aayla Secura! Click the Holocron main section, and select Aayla Secura from the left menu bar!








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