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I would like to present you those custom figures in this section, which were inspired by figures that were mostly never seen in the movies, but Hasbro released them officially. A small part of these were not released as fans would dreamt about them till this day, for example the commander of the 501st was Anakin, but it is possible that as other clone squads had their own clone leaders, 501st also could have a clone leader. Hasbro designed Commander Appo, we designed an other commander with one of my good friends. That will be an unique figure, you'll see! An other part of these figures were released officially, but I planned to create them well before it, so they were finished before the similar Hasbro items became available. A good example is the Order66 orange AT-RT driver, who could has been seen only on reference photos in those times. Some of my customs were so authentical, that I did not bought the official figure, because I thought mine was quite the same nice. I can mention Clone attack on Coruscant's clone commander here. Well, and there were some figures that were released before I would have thought about them, but they were pretty expensive, so I decided to make them by my hands. That were Shadow Stormtrooper, and Target Exclusive Clone which were not too difficult to make, but we could spare a lot of money. Also, Build a droid (BAD) custom variants are in a perfect place here in this section. You'll see this sort of interesting pieces here in this section, which will be introduced with a short story, and some nice pictures later on, when I'll finish them, and upload them to the site. After I managed to open all sections, and they all will be operational, I will start showing the listed items in random order, or if many of you wish one of those earlier, I will happily present that figure first. Stay with me, I am in a big project writing articles, photographing, but soon there will come all of these figures.

 written by: Norbert Rostas 2008. 02. 18


orange atrt driver

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